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The three most critical aspects of a public nutrition program would be appropriate nutrients within acceptable calorie requirements, physical activity, and weight management (Drewnowski, 2014). That is because the three points would assist individuals in identifying and understanding the types of food they should eat, as well as the activities they should engage in, in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle that incorporates appropriate nutrition and activity (Drewnowski, 2014).

As the future of American society unfolds, the number of overweight adults, adolescents, and children continues to rise, and people struggle to adopt healthier eating and exercise habits (Drewnowski, 2014). From the recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 33 percent of adults in the United States have conditions of obesity (Drewnowski, 2014). It is therefore essential for Americans to receive adequate education on healthy nutrition, physical activity, and weight management since medical costs of conditions relating to obesity and malnutrition continue to increase, and may reach unaffordable levels to most Americans (Drewnowski, 2014).

One of the community resources that are helpful in educating the public on healthful nutrition and activity is the food pyramid website. The site provides a detailed explanation of how individuals can holistically achieve healthy nutrition and exercise. Another nutritional education community resource is Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, which offers guidelines for supplemental nutrition. The WIC program not only provides dietary vouchers but also offers breastfeeding counseling and nutritional education.

Therefore, nurse practitioners always need to adequately play their role in providing education on healthy nutrition and activity, as well as recommend various nutritional education community resources, which clients can access and gain more information regarding healthy eating and activity. That would have a significant contribution towards helping patients to active participants in ensuring healthy living.


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May 10, 2023

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