Effective Communication Methods

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Improving Communication Skills

Humans have a communication ability that enhances interpersonal relationships. One must be able to communicate in a way that the recipient can easily grasp in order to be understood. There are several things I need to work on in my writing that will help my readers understand what I'm saying when I write and communicate in the future. They consist of morality, lucidity, and the capacity to elicit reactions.

The ethical aspect of my communication has greatly impacted me since I find it difficult to persuade some audiences to act because my communication tone changes depending on the writing setting. The minimal clarity of my previous writing especially with grammar and work arrangement has also made it hard to be understood with ease. Finally, my writings are not able to evoke emotional responses in people say I wanted to create a certain mood through my communication.

I have sort to improve my ethics in writing by the use of appropriate words in the right context in order to reveal the personality in me. I am also planning to be proofreading my writings in order to check for mistakes in my grammar and avoiding contradictory points. The use of strong words and developing passion when doing my writings will help evoke emotions in the audience (Riffe, 1988).

Tailoring Communication for Different Settings

Personal communication such as me talking to a friend about improving the security terms in my neighborhood will be full of strong persuasive words and the reasons as to why there is need to improve the security. Using a low friendly tone will ease his understanding. A written letter to my boss proposing addition of workers in a certain field will include a showcase of my knowledge of my understanding of the area and also be as persuasive as to why we need workers in that field and the benefits it will come with. The grammar used in my letter must be checked well before the submission of the letter to ensure clarity and ease of understanding. The letter to the county officials must be persuasive enough to convince them about the need to address the problem. This means that the grammar used must comprise of simple understandable words to ensure clarity in the message being passed.

Persuasive Writing for Flood-related Issues

My community has been facing floods on the roads for a long period due to poor drainage. There is need to changing this phase as it is very hard to access some places during periods of heavy rains. Another concern is on young kids who might drown in such floods leading to lose of life. Due to financial constraints, it is important to come up with a very persuasive writing that will be able to convince the city council to come take care of the menace. The process will include excavation of roads to create a better drainage system and for a fact the process is long and therefore we will have need to convince the community members to be patient as the process goes on and also educate them on the dangers they might incur during the process.

Road Accidents Caused by Flooding

The problem of flooding on the roads has resulted to problems in my community. During rainy seasons, we lose lives due to road accidents caused by flooded roads. Most people hit into ditches covered with water on the roadsides while others slide on wet roads during the rainy season causing loss of lives. Children drown in the waters most at times if they are let walk around the community. All this is brought about by poor drainage system around the community as most of the drains have been blocked due to siltation and by material wastes over a period of time. To ensure that no more lives are lost, we have to find a way to clear the drains so that water can floor through them and avoid flooding. I have talked with my community members and they are ready to see to it that we eliminate the problem of flooding. They will help during the entire process so as to improve the situation in the community. The county government thus can help in providing appropriate equipment and trained personalities to deal with the menace (Lewis J.A. & Gratson, 2004).


Lewis J.A. & Gratson, G. M. (2004). Direct writing in three dimensions. Materials Today, 7(7), 32-39.

Riffe, D. &. (1988). Dimensions of writing apprehension among mass Communication Students. journalism Quaterly, 65(2), 384-391.

April 13, 2023

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