Effectiveness of policies to reduce firearm violence: A meta-analysis.

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Contrary to what is predicated in the adult justice system, which aims at processing and punishing offenders through the systems efficiently, this paper makes the argument that. The article also examines the issue of juvenile courts, and it makes the case that these courts support interventions for children and adolescents for the wrongs they perpetrate. The article is credible because it was published within the last decade and it is written by an author that is renowned in the field of criminal justice. The article was instrumental in exploiting the relationship that exists between the juvenile court system and the criminal court for adults. Through this article, the efficiency of the programs and policies that attempt to curb the issues of violence in regards to the use of firearms.

Nobles, Matthew Robin. Evaluating Philadelphia's gun court: Implications for crime reduction and specialized jurisprudence. University of Florida, 2008.

The author of this article argues that the gun court has its fair of differences relative to the one that is found in Philadelphia's Court of Common pleas as far as the processing time between pre-trial and arrest. Additionally, the author goes ahead to argue that the efficacy of the programs initiated at this court is also believed to possess its share of varied findings and results in relation to crime and guns. This article is more credible because it is written by a respectable and prominent writer in the field of Criminal justice and law. The article was crucial in establishing the implications of Philadelphia's gun court in relation to curbing firearms.

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Preventions, 2010, pp. 1-2

The author of this article argues that the discussion revolving around the firearms and Gun Courts in the public policy space when its implications can be measured directly. In this case, this article was crucial in exploring the effects and the acceptance of the policies postulated by the court programs in relation to the Gun Control. The article is more credible since it is derived from a reliable website, which makes it important in the discussion revolving around gun control.

July 07, 2023


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