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Elephas Maximus (Asian Elephants)

Even though they are a little smaller than those found in Africa, Asian elephants are the largest creatures in Asia (Kum...

94 views 8 pages ~ 2147 words
Climate change impact on the Population of Elephants in East Africa

The purpose of this study is to determine how the population of elephants in East Africa is being impacted by climate ch...

182 views 6 pages ~ 1645 words
Endangered Species

The manatee is a critically endangered species. The manatee is a massive gray-colored animal with a tapering body and a ...

212 views 4 pages ~ 858 words
Irony in Shooting an Elephant

George Orwell's 1936 novel "Shooting an Elephant" describes the trials of the Burmese under British imperialism. A lingu...

290 views 3 pages ~ 766 words
George Orwell - Shooting an Elephant

Orwell makes use of formal diction when describing the elephant. He presents the elephant as a precious and peaceful ani...

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