Environmental Health

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Environmental Health in Canada

Environmental health is regarded as significant by first nations such as Canada in determining citizens' health and well-being. There is an immediate need to illustrate environmental stewardship in the form of air, water, soil, and other services essential to the wellbeing of households and communities (Van et al. 12-18).

Government Initiatives

Canada has taken measures to enhance environmental quality by recruiting officers and building public health facilities throughout the region. Environmental health officers have been at the frontline of recruitment, inspections, and public education. Environmental health and its importance in the developed world like Canada is an issue that is of utmost importance in policymaking compared to third world nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. First nations are further competing within themselves and comparing the performance with the previous set records.

Promoting Environmental Health

Ignoring the benefits that accrue from good environmental health will result in poor health standards hence lowering the living standard. To avoid these negative effects, the Canadian government is investing heavily to ensure that environmental health is promoted. The Canadian government has been learning from other nations in the world that underscore the importance of environmental health due to the impact that is has on the citizens. As a nation, the leaders would not want the situation to spiral out of control like it is being witnessed in low-income economies and thus have to push for environmental reforms relentlessly. Inspection of the drinking water system and constant monitoring its quality shows the seriousness attached to the issue of environmental health (Davies 273-276). Some policies on water quality are being adopted by other nations in the world.

Works cited

Davies, John-Mark, and Asit Mazumder. "Health and environmental policy issues in Canada: the role of watershed management in sustaining clean drinking water quality at surface sources." Journal of environmental management 68.3 (2003): 273-276.

Van Oostdam, J., et al. "Human health implications of environmental contaminants in Arctic Canada: a review." Science of the Total Environment 230.1 (1999): 12-18.

October 19, 2022
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