Ethical Relationship between Employers and Employees

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A1: Employee rights and responsibilities

Employee rights and responsibilities are critical in their development in the workplace for the achievement of the goals of different institutions. Employees should be entitled to a healthful and safe workplace. It is the right of employees to demand an environment which is conducive to their health and this means that employers should ensure that health hazards are not present in the workplace. Employees also have the right to receive training from employers concerning different aspects in the workplace. Some workplaces expose employees to chemicals and machines which require specialized attention and it is the responsibility of employers to train employees on how these machines work. Employees should also get training on the standards required in the workplace. The most important responsibility of employees is to comply with policies, instructions, and procedures provided in the working environment. These policies are critical in effective working and they guide employees on what should be done procedurally.

A2: Employers' ethical responsibilities

Employers are entitled to moral responsibilities in the workplace and they should ensure that the health of the company is protected by making decisions that help keep employees safe. Employees should provide good wages to their employers to motivate them in working. Other benefits in the workplace are essential in a progressive working environment. Loyalty is another responsibility for employers. Employers should be loyal to their employees for a long-term collaboration to reduce conflicts between the two parties. Laying-off employees should not be done easily unless it is necessary. The loyalty of employers on matters relating to employees is critical in maintaining a friendly environment which attracts productivity.

A3: The ethical business dilemma

The ethical dilemma I have witnessed in the workplace is the issue of communication on behalf of a company. Some job descriptions require the employees who do the jobs to make numerous phone calls to business clients every day. When an organization wants to succeed, its management should provide allowances and airtime for employees who make a business call to clients on behalf of a company. However, in some instances, employees violate this advantage and use organizational resources to make a personal call. It is difficult for management to trace these conversations but when employers finally learn that employees have been using organizational resources for personal benefit, it is difficult to make a good decision regarding the matter. In the case of the company I witnessed an ethical business dilemma, in reality, the management was forced to lay off the individual who was making a personal call using the organization's resources. After assessing this clearly, I thought that it wasn't a good decision to fire the employee since he needs to benefit from his job.

A4: Ethical Business Dilemma evaluation

The decision by the management can be argued to be good for the sake of meeting competency of employees. In the utilitarian approach, an employer should make a decision that is for the good of maximum people. This decision is seen to impact on the overall performance of the organization by educating other employees on what is right and the consequences of doing something contrary to the expectations of the organization. Relativism indicates that decisions made by employers should be relative to the situations and consider many factors. The employee should not have been fired for making personal calls using the resources of the organization since this doesn't have a big impact on productivity.

A5: Ethical decisions

Ethical decisions are important in the workplace especially when an ethical dilemma is evident. A good example of an ethical decision is when an employer decides to give employees a sound hearing when they do mistakes to understand the intentions and reasons for making the mistakes. This makes the judgment on whether to punish the employees or not valid. Another ethical decision critical in the workplace is deciding to give more allowances to hard-working employees. The proper motivation of employees improves their performance and improves efficiency in the workplace. It motivates the employees whose performance is not good to pull up their socks and understand the dynamics in the workplace and the decisions they can make for effectiveness.

A6: Ethical Decisions Explanation

Both decisions are plausible in the workplace. However, the relativity in their effectiveness is important to note and it is evident that motivation of employees when they do something good promotes an ethical business environment. Motivation is a way of bridging performance with willingness and when employees are properly motivated through allowances, they become more focused on attaining the goals of an organization. On the other hand, the decision to solve the challenges employees faces through negotiation and critical analysis of the problem impacts positively on organizational success. An ethical and moral environment promotes a good reputation for different organizations and leads to the attainment of the mission and vision of employers. Ethics are important in building a good relationship between employers and employees in the workplace for effective service delivery and goal setting.

October 24, 2023

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