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TechFite is a British firm based in Dellberg, California. It is well-known for producing high-tech products. The company's primary goal is to foster an atmosphere of workplace teamwork and capable leadership growth. TechFite believes in corporate decision-making in which workers participate. However, the organization is proud of itself because it has faced certain professional and legal challenges, as discussed by the Human Resource officer. One of the examples being a lack of money to support full-time employees. Thus, it is caught on how to develop policies to address the legal and cultural differences pertaining hours of work and benefits.

Despite that one problem TechFite is unable to accomplish the community development commitment such as sponsoring community events, supporting youth leadership development programs, investing in infrastructure and helping to build up the city of Dellberg. The HR brings to attention that this commitment has not been effectively addressed even though the organizations believe in the importance of community involvement as a center of corporate culture. This paper focuses on the multicultural business community in trying to the viewpoint the various legal and ethical issues facing TechFite company in their regular work routine.

For TechFite company to regain the confidence of the community and workers at large. Some of the corporate policies must be put in place to address the organization culture and ethical viewpoints of the company at large. Corporate policies are guiding principles and procedures in which a firm operates entirely. They are typically established by the board of directors or from the top management or at times from the policy committee of a company. In this case, the TechFite company management is reliable in amending the corporate policies to ensure the survival of the company.

The primary objectives of the corporate policies are to provide a company with a corporate governance system and contains the guidelines that govern the activities of the company. (Kerschberg, 2011). Some of the corporate policies that they should be enacted are as follows; First of the corporate plan to authorize as the HR is Ensuring clear guidelines on the employee empowerment and engagement in decision making is effective. Secondly, setting up a policy management compliance department and the last corporate policy is an enhancement of corporate social responsibility through community Development or involvement.

Ensuring employee empowerment and engagement in decision making is the backbone of every company at large. Corporate policies cannot be enacted if the decisions are not patent to the goals of the organization. The rationale behind this policy, TechFite company management believes for a better thriving in the community the employees should be part of the decisions made. Again, we see that the company encourages employee empowerment and engagement to provide a collaborate working place and leadership development. It ensures that all policies in place are in consensus with everybody and provide clear guidelines.

The second corporate policy of setting up a policy management compliance department will ensure that all the systems in place are not dispersed, does not exist on paper only and lastly, the plans are not outdated. (Kerschberg, 2011). The department will work for hand in hand with the legal staff to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. It will reduce accountability by demonstrating given policies since are properly enforced. Setting up this office is a significant push to the company to ensure all the goals and objectives of TechFite are in place. Lastly, through community involvement, the TechFite company should provide the policy of corporate social responsibility is not left aside.

It is because the company believes strongly in community involvement and it has forged serious plans for the community and city of Dellberg at large. These activities include building up the town of Dellberg, supporting the youth and the community activities. With these three policies, TechFite will be a company with minimal legal and ethical issues surrounding its growth. To understand more on what moral and legal issues are, A focus is majorly given in broad terms where; Ethical matters refers to a situation that a person is compromised to choose between alternatives which are to be evaluated a right and wrong as well as the law. (Lopen, 2017). In comparison, Legal issues are allegations or arguments concerning a situation arising from the law. They occur due to the rule of law. (LinkiLaw, 2016)

Some of the ethical issues at stake in TechFite company are; Conflict of interest in such that the company is faced up with financial stress and the company reduces the working hours for all employees and classifies them as part-time without the consent of the employees. According to the company, employees are to be included in the corporate decision making.

The second Ethical issue facing TechFite is the inconsistency of plans. TechFite had a promise to the Dellberg community to provide jobs for the residents, build the city of Dellberg and increase the involvement of community activities in which it was unable to enact and respond adequately. The purpose of an ethics officer is to make sure that the workplace is following stated ethics and beliefs. Some of the roles include maintaining up to date knowledge, understanding of corporate governance, compliance reporting responsibilities and benchmarking legal frameworks and monitoring and identifying possible ethics violation. Lastly, the officer is charged to investigate any claim of dishonesty in a company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined as the integration of business activities and policies where all the stakeholders in the company like investors, managers, employees, and customers work together with the members of the community in the interest of the environment and social well-being of the society. (Clapp et al., 2014). Through Corporate social responsibility, it will help us build the company’s reputation as they had promised to the community and the people of Dellberg.

Some of the ethical desirability to improve the reputation will be a significant push to the thriving of the company in the community. It includes building up the city of Dellberg as promised and the company has not enacted on it. However, the company has employed the residence of the town, but due to the complaint of wages, the companies name has deteriorated. Through proper mechanism put in place like appropriate wages, benefits will increase the chance of acceptability. Increased commitment to the community activities such as supporting the youth and building infrastructures which TechFite has not done will improve the relationship among the residents.

Through proper mechanisms of corporate social responsibility in place, the TechFite company will be able to build its relationship with the residents and the environment as well. CSR is an ethical platform that will benefit the company at large and the community also. Through corporate social responsibility, the company will be able to curb the moral issues of conflict of interest. It will enable the company to provide the employment efficiently to the residents, support the community activities and build up the city of Dellberg. TechFite company believes in community involvement at large.

By providing work to the residents, it creates a good relationship with the community and trust is developed. Through the support of community activities will out shadow various ethical issues and provides a long-term relationship on goals with the community Such as the firm can as well get free labor and cheap raw materials from the community and hence cutting on their production costs. (Cheng et al., 2014). Lastly, it will enhance the creation of socially accepted principles and practices through a universal guide to all processes. (Tai et al., 2014). CSR is the best course of action that is ethically a socially and environmentally responsible since it will benefit the employees and the managers by focusing on teamwork, insurances policies and better welfare of the community. Again, the company is likely to increase its sales, expand its operations and increase its market coverage by engaging in ethical Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

In conclusion, the TechFite company should be at the forefront to fight the ethical issues that may arise in the company. It is because if not aligned well the business will run heavy losses and will affect the operations of the company. Through proper planning and incorporation of CSR, the TechFite company will develop a long-term relationship that will enhance its growth beyond measures.


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December 21, 2022
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