Factors in Alana’s Life Affecting he Social Relationships

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Many elements can have an impact on a child's social relationship. For example, a lack of constructive and caring family support at a young age has an impact on social development. According to the case study, her parents divorced and her social relationship development suffered as a result. Alana clearly lacks parental affection and direction at such a young age, since her mother, who remains with her, does not have time to bond with her child. It is also stated that she is the only kid and that when she is not in school, she is placed in the care of her cousins. As a result, Alana lacks proper nurturing from her parents and elders that could shape her developing brain. The child's early years are very crucial in proper brain development. A stimulating, caring and supportive environment would enhance her development; however, this is not the situation (Mortimer, 2017).

Furthermore, biological trait plays a crucial role in determining Alana's social relationship development. It is stated that during birth, Alana was diagnosed with Fetal alcohol syndrome disorder and she subsequently suffered from occasional petit and inherited mal seizures. This inherited trait affected Alana's social development as it is described that she exhibited unusual behaviors in school. Besides, culture has overarching expectations, values and the behavioral practices on the child's social relationship development.

Strategies to promote Alana's Social Interaction with Peers

To promote Alana's social interaction with her peers, the family, teachers, and community need to implement the following strategies. First, her family needs to provide a positive, loving and a peaceful environment. Also, they need to provide a sense of security in Alana's life to make her feel secure and build confidence (K"rcelânska-Stanĉeva, 2014). Second, the teachers should sacrifice their time and observe the society and the family in which Alana lives. Moreover, they should find a way to mediate and curb the negative impact on Alana's social development. The teachers should provide a nurturing environment by identifying her strength and weakness and embrace a caregiving strategy that will make her environment to be comfortable and supportive that suits her behavior. They should also focus more on assisting Alana to overcome her situation by showing love and compassion to her. Besides, the teachers should educate the rest of pupils also to show love to Alana, play together and never make fun of her condition. Third, the community needs to understand Alana's situation and act as her caregiver. The society should provide a safe and positive environment because the child social interaction is usually affected by what the child is exposed (Mortimer, 2017). For example, if the child lives in abusive and violent society tends to be withdrawn and fearful particularly in the classroom.

How Alana's Current Socialization will Influence her Perception of Adult Roles in the Social and Community

Alana's present social interaction situation will make her have a skewed opinion concerning the roles of the adult in both school and the society. At her age, Alana has been unable to develop a healthy relationship with her fellow kids. She is said to be withdrawn from other children, and she plays alone. At times Alana holds the hand of the teacher on duty which demonstrates that she not only lacks compassion and love but also nurturing and attention. She seems to be more comfortable with a person who gives her attention, and in this case, it is evidently shown when she spends time holding the teacher's hand. As a result, this is going to have an adverse impact on her as she grows to become an adult. Since at her current life, she spends most of her time with her cousin at home, she will not pick any meaningful adult roles.


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April 19, 2023

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