Future President of South Korea

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There are five existing contenders in the forthcoming South Korean presidential election who have appeared to run to succeed incumbent Park Geun-hye. Moon Jae-in is the most competent of the five presidential aspirants, who stands to lead the Korean nation to more regional and international prosperity. The nominee is a well-known political figure in the South Korean community, and was the runner-up to the impeached incumbent president.

Latest polls suggest that, relative to the other four presidential contenders, he has greater support, which is the first indication of his success among the Korean people. Furthermore, he is a retired advocate for human rights, an occupation that points to his credibility and integrity towards bringing lasting changes impartially. Moon also has credible pledges with regards to his tenure at the office with promises to fight for income equality, strengthen social welfare system, as well as creating a level playing field for smaller companies. These policy changes are aimed at reducing the gap felt between the wealthy and middle-class families across South Korea and even the poor. This makes him an advocator for equality and civil subjection for all Koreans.

Moon’s approach with regards to relations with northern Korea has been criticized over the years due to his proposition of using dialogue instead of sanctions to influence the country towards less radical policies. However, despite the criticism, it shows his leadership ability and the will to do what is necessary to avoid tension and hostility from a rather unstable country. All this are attributes which show his competence and ability to lead Korea to new strides.

October 25, 2022

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