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The oil spill in the Yellow Sea in South Korea

On December 7th, 2007, an oil spill happened in South Korea along the Yellow Sea coast. The incident occurred when a Sam...

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The following makes an effort to explain the selection criteria for the four brands. On the basis of their country of or...

191 views 5 pages ~ 1183 words
Korean kingdom of Koryo

King Taejo established the Korean kingdom of Koryo, which subsequently gave the exonym Korea its name, in 918. Despite c...

129 views 6 pages ~ 1416 words
Japanese Colonial Rule in Korea

Japan dominated Korea during the Asia-Pacific War, which had an effect on their political, social, cultural, and economi...

203 views 3 pages ~ 606 words
Asian American Studies - Korean American Experience

Today, due to globalization, people have different opportunities to explore different countries in terms of education an...

222 views 2 pages ~ 384 words
Post-1992 Los Angeles Unrest: Black-Latino-Korean Relations

After the Los Angeles civil riots in the spring of 1992, relations between his owner of the South Korean business and ot...

278 views 3 pages ~ 634 words
What Opportunities does the Korean tablet initiative provide for TI?

Korea, a nation that has acknowledged the value of integrating technology into its educational system, is certain to be ...

254 views 1 pages ~ 265 words
Future President of South Korea

There are five existing contenders in the forthcoming South Korean presidential election who have appeared to run to suc...

345 views 4 pages ~ 957 words
History of Taekwondo Essay

Taekwon-Do is a very ancient martial arts style, but it is not just about self-defense. Taekwon-Do culture and philosophy have two components: &...

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K-pop (Korean Pop Music) Personal Essay

I have an pastime in Korean pop because it is a product comprised of identities, meanings, and values which carry greate...

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