Ganesh - The God of Wisdom

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The Story of Ganesh

The story of Ganesh is an age-old one, which is why we celebrate his birthday on May 5th. He is the god of wisdom, and his head resembles an elephant. The elephant, which is one of the most popular Hindu deities, is known for its great memory and intelligence. Lord Shiva blessed Ganesh with these qualities in return for granting him the head of an elephant. That's how he got his name: Ganesha.

Popularity in Western Countries

This elephant-headed Hindu god is popular in western countries. The elephant-headed god is often worshipped as a mascot, and many westerners believe in his benevolence, as well as his promise of rewards. Occasionally, Ganesh makes an appearance on the television series The Simpsons, including a famous episode in which Homer tried to feed the elephant peanuts. In the episode, Apu chides Homer for his irreverence.

The Mouse as His Vehicle

Many images of Ganesh include the mouse as his vehicle. The mouse represents the mind, and as it is constantly in motion, it's hard to focus on God without distractions. However, when dedicated to God, the mind can be directed to Him and cut through any obstacles. Because Ganesh believes that everything has value, he often has the mouse as his vehicle. It's a good idea to practice gratitude in order to receive all the benefits that the god provides.

Ganesh's Brother Skanda

Another important aspect of Ganesha is his brother, Skanda. In southern India, he is worshipped as the embodiment of bravery, grace, and the love of virtuous deeds. Although Skanda is a lesser-known god, his brother is more renowned. A Ganesha statue in a southern city is considered a gift to a child. It is a wonderful way to honor Ganesh and help them grow into a beautiful adult.

Various Names of Ganesh

While worshipping Ganesh is one of the main activities of Hindus, the deity has several other names. The name Ekakshara means "one syllable AUM". The word Buddhipriya is also used to refer to him. Several other names include Prathameshvara, which means "first of all gods". Others refer to him as Vidyavaridhi, the ocean of knowledge, and Ekadanta, the tusk with the single ear.

Symbolic Meanings of Ganesha's Form

Lord Ganesha holds several objects in his four arms. The first hand holds a discus. The second holds a club. The third hand holds a sweet. The fourth hand holds a lotus. Each aspect of Ganesha's form has symbolic meanings. For example, the club on Ganesha's left hand is a symbol of success and renunciation of the world. Aside from these, the trunk position of the elephant is also symbolic.

The Story of Ganesh's Birth

In the story of Ganesh, his father Shiva lived with his mother Parvati on Mount Kailash. When he returned, Shiva was surprised to see someone at the door. He ordered Ganesh to open it for him. Ganesh, however, refused and said that he was not allowed to enter the house without his mother's permission. Angered, Shiva cut off Ganesh's head and sent him flying far away. In turn, Ganesh was entrusted with the task of taking care of the people on Earth.

Types of Ganesh Idols

There are several different types of idols of Ganesh, but the most popular ones are made of turmeric. Turmeric holds spiritual significance, as it is called the spice of life. A popular idol of Ganesh includes a religious medal inscribed with the image of the Hindu god, Ganesh. Some medals contain gemstones and are adorned with other precious metals. The god is considered to bring wealth and good luck to those who worship him.

Traditional Gift of Ganesh

A traditional gift of Ganesh is a sweet treat that is made of chickpea flour, sugar, and ghee, a type of butter. People are encouraged to make sweets in honor of Ganesha, and to invite others to share them. However, you should be careful that the gift is made of quality material. You should avoid plastic and cheap imitations. Even if Ganesha's face is not made of gold, it may still be worth buying a gift.

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