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The Great Gatsby: Chapter 7 Summary

The novel bought to point where the reader was curious about Gatsby who reached fever pitch and was once tired of holding parties on Saturday nights. The features were to win over daisy and succeeded in winning her.

Gatsby's Reunion with Daisy

His reunion with Daisy indicates that the events lost their meaning and intentions. Nick was amazed with the aid of the sudden stop of the revelry and went to enquire from Gatsby whether the whole thing was okay. He got the news that Gatsby had despatched home all his servants and immediately replaced with humans of disreputable character. The said employees were former Meyer Wolsheim’s employees. Daisy started out visiting Gatsby in the afternoons, and he vowed not to let her exposed to lurid gossip about his past.

Lunch at Daisy's House

Daisy invited Gatsby, Jordan, and nick for lunch in one of the hottest days during the summer. Daisy allowed the nanny to play with her daughter while the guests enjoyed their meal. Gatsby would not believe that Daisy was a mother. Tom went ahead with his usual blusters and indicated that the world was coming to an end since it was becoming hotter by the day. Tom realized the romantic glances between Daisy and Gatsby. Tom almost picked a fight with Gatsby and the fighting ended up on the streets of New York. During the drive to the city, Tom furiously scoffed at Nick indicating that Gatsby was not enough man for Daisy.

The Plaza Hotel Incident

The group stopped at the Plaza hotel where Tom mocked Gatsby for not having gone to Oxford for his studies. Gatsby confidently indicated he had been to Oxford for college and spent five months. Tom pitied Daisy’s relationship with Gatsby who came from a “lower-class’ and civilization was under test. Tom forced Daisy to unwillingly confess his love towards him. She indicated to have loved Gatsby once “but I love you too" (7.261) Gatsby, however, was surprised to hear that Daisy never loved him. He left Jordan, Nick, and Tom. On his way home, he struck and killed a person at the valley of ashes. Myrtle Wilson was fighting with her husband Wilson (the gas station owner) when Gatsby ran into her with his Rolls-Royce.

Work Cited

West, Clare, and F S. Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby. , 2013. Print.

July 24, 2021
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