Georges Hotel

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The Georges Hotel

The Georges Hotel is a small upscale hotel in Chicago, in a location called Magnificent Mile. The owners of the hotel are two siblings, Jeff and Chad Mitchell. Before Georges Hotel, it a hotel which was old and needed a lot of renovation before the two brothers purchased it. 1995 is the year they bought it from a major hotel chain. After a massive renovation and repair, it was opened again and named as “The Georges Hotel” since 1998. From the case, the two brothers are planning to open another hotel in Chicago. The hotel, also, will require renovation and it will be the second Georges Hotels found in familiar towns in the whole state. The hotel has 163 guestrooms. It had different employees who include ten front desk employees, eight valet parking services attendant, 28 housekeeping attendant, 4 in the engineering and maintenance department, and 20 in the management and administrative department, making a total of 70 employees. The paper is a strategy the organization used in coming up with the modern hotel. It also entails the next plan when they will be coming up with the second hotel (Rauscher et al., 261-4).

The Two Brothers and Their Background

The two brothers, the owners of the hotel, were raised in the hospitality business. They lived in a motel which was alongside the road. Before, their parents owned this motel in the 1960s. Though a small kid, Jeff was in love with the hospitality business. On growing up, he assisted his father in the motel, a job he used to enjoy as greeted guests and welcomed them at the front desk. Apart from the guest services, Jeff used to do other tasks such as sweeping in the parking lot or help in cleaning a room in case there was a shortage of staff. Jeff never got tired of the guests no matter their number. He would always welcome them warmly on arrival, and in the morning, he availed himself in wishing them a goodbye when they packed their cars. As per now, Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hotel. He is the overall head of the Hotel, and he manages all the activities in the restaurant (Carstens 78). Michael is an MBA graduate, and he is the Sales and Operations Associate in the organization.

The Mission of the Hotel

According to Rauscher et al. (268-9), the mission of the hotel is to exemplary serve guests and makes them have an experience that is memorable. On the workers’ side, it offers a superior work environment. It supports the employees in case he or she has a career that is satisfying. In keeping the bond between the family, employees are asked to welcome their families to lunch. The employees’ families also join the workers on summer picnics and holiday parties hosted by the hotel. The workers post the pictures of their kids and announce about newborn, weddings, educational graduations, and other achievements in the families on the notice board.

The Role of Cindy and The Next Generation

During the golfing weather, Jeff flies in Florida and Arizona for his best courses. He also goes to his other home in Palm Springs. During this period, Jeff’s wife, Cindy, is left in charge of the hotel. Cindy, in the hotel, is the human resources director. Since the purchase of the hotel, she has been on the management team. Even though she has no experiencing or management regarding Human Resource, she does perfect work; she is an excellent leader. Her personality makes every staff respect her. She supports Jeff fully in the daily hotel management. Mitchells’ next generation is already being introduced to make over during their time. Julie, who is Jeff’s daughter, is almost finishing her MBA program. Immediately after graduation, she will join the Sales and Marketing department then, later, gain more experience in Operations and Management. When her father retires, she will take the full roles of a CEO (Menton, Eileen, & President 13).

The Financial Success and Expansion Plans

On the financial sector, the hotel has been doing excellent, even though there has been high renovation cost of the current structure. After two years of reopening, the hotel had already generated profit, and up to now, it is creating more benefits, with more customers coming and a venue for meetings. According to Jeff, he believes that it is the best time to utilize what they have and build on the success and build a second George Hotel. He thinks of putting it near the riverfronts sections of Chicago. The run-down hotel has been closed for a couple of years, and it has been abandoned and boarded up. There has been a court case over the rights of the ownership rights and bankruptcy. After years of litigation, the legal cloud lifted as the owner is seeking for a potential buyer. Since the George Hotel is known for its excellent and successful renovation and reasonable interest rates, Jeff feels that it is the best time to have a second George Hotel, and then later move to a third hotel; this is according to Carstens (46).

The Transition Period

At the current time, the hotel is in its transition. Transitions give firms a restructuring opportunity and to adopt policies that will help them succeed. It can also lead to the opposite of this, and some firms cannot maneuver the transition process. Sometimes, things go wrong, the management makes poor decisions, and also there is loss-making. It makes the firm go out of business. Adding another hotel will need an excellent strategy for organization prepared for the future (Carstens 67). Approximately, it will take two years to purchase the new hotel, have it renovated, and get ready to open.

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