Landowners in the Samoan coast

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Landowners on the Samoan coast have stymied plans to build huge hotels and resorts. This has increased the popularity of backpacker tourism, despite certain unfavorable impressions. This type of tourism has grown in popularity in recent years due to the fact that the majority of the advantages from this activity stay in the area of travel, and the limited number of tourists it draws is manageable with little social and cultural consequences. Samoan tourism is small-scale, locally owned and operated. The beach fale business in Samoa has contributed to improve the living conditions of beach inhabitants. Beach fales are modest thatched houses used for lodging along beaches. They have no walls, round or oval in shape with a few posts. Related activities like sale of fruits, wine, and handicrafts enable non-fale owners to earn a living. Employment opportunities for the entertainers are also available.

Reflective commentary

Each and every person would wish to travel the globe at the cheapest cost available. This goes with the norm that cheaper is authentic. Backpackers always bring with them positive impacts apart from those adverse effects that they are accused of bringing along. Many low-income communities, hosting backpackers will always bring with it positive outcomes (Hampton, 2017).

Governments like Malaysia and South Africa are encouraging backpacker’s tourism; this aims at supporting local businesses. The profits from backpacking are easily retained within the economy rather than flowing International to overseas hospitality groups. Actions by governments such at the Australian jurisdiction, to increase taxes on backpackers are a fall back in the tourism sector. In this country, backpacker tourism has been estimated to worth $3.5 billion of the Australian economy. Cutting visa application fees and tax rate will substantially increase the number of backpackers in the country (Killoran, 2017). From backpack tourism, there exists the beach fale accommodation. This is mostly common in the Pacific countries. They are low key and basic accommodation structures at beaches. The cost of meals at these accommodative posts is small. Beach fale is well integrated into the culture and community lifestyles. Samoan families along the beaches have been the best benefactors from this. Beach fales enable families to work within their villages and provide a range of livelihood benefits ranging from education, health, communication and transportation facilities. In the recent past though, beach fales in Samoa have been evolving from the face Samoa. This is the Samoan way of life. Though they can never be separated from the Samoan context, these fales operate on. Beach fales have assisted in the reduction of inequalities and socio-cultural problems in the Samoa. By providing net profits to the poor beach, fale can be said to be ‘pro-poor’ (Haughey, 2017).

The main area that needs assistance under backpackers and beach fale tourism are educating the public on better ways to invest their earnings and public health in the fales.


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May 24, 2023
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