Geospatial Revolution

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The Geospatial Revolution is defined as the use of digital maps and equipment such as satellites and GPS trackers to improve global security and monitoring. The essay explores human stories to explain the history of geospatial technologies.

It is fascinating to see in the films how technology has aided in tracking happenings around the world, particularly in dangerous areas, and suggesting remedies before crises arise. One novel application of geospatial technologies is the use of satellites by food aid organizations to monitor agricultural productivity. In addition, the quantification of plant ability to absorb sunlight to develop a vegetation index, as well as disease tracking for the same. Geospatial technologies have enabled delineate corridor issues by giving precise coordinates to army personnel to stop terror. Muñiz Solari, Osvaldo et al. mention that “the use of hotspot has helped share intelligence to place police officers where they need to be to arrest law offenders” (185). The military has also been able to detect IEDs planted at various locations that are mapped on the geospatial airspace. Consequently, people have critiqued the geospatial revolution by stating that it avails too much personal data and could be used to perpetrate crime.


In brief, the world requires geographic technologies for purposes of surveillance as a tool for law enforcement and for availing data to provide transparency of happenings globally. People are encouraged to view these videos, so that acquire information of geographic changes for a better understanding and judgment.


1. Geospatial technologies in the videos focus on intelligence and the analysis of crimes.

2. The use of GPS could be used by stalkers to hurt victims.

Work Cited

Muñiz Solari, Osvaldo et al. Geospatial Technologies and Geography Education in a Changing World. Springer, 2015.

May 17, 2023
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