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Changes in societal institutions and interpersonal relationships are referred to as "globalization." As a result, in terms of everyday human activity, globalization encompasses a variety of factors, including political, economic, social, legal, and cultural issues. The book "Bound Together" by Nayan Chanda is essential in underlining the contribution of traders, preachers, explorers, and soldiers to assuring the continuation of the current globalization elements seen in today's world. Although the majority of the activities outlined by the book ‘Bound Together' underlines activities that took place several years ago, their effects are pivotal to the existence of the current globalization aspects experienced in the world today. Although the majority of the activities outlined by the book ‘Bound Together' underlines activities that took place several years ago, their effects are pivotal to the existence of the current globalization issues experienced in the world today. Despite the book involving stories narrated by varied people concerning their experiences as they moved from their original homelands or continents to other areas with the majority settling in the United States of America. Nayan Chanda classified the agents of globalization into four categories that include; the adventurers, the preachers, the traders and the warriors who aimed at engaging in warfare in a bid to expand their territories about their empires (Chanda). As a result, Nayan Chanda through his book ‘Bound Together' views globalization as a reflection of the human desires that date back from a period when the first humans set out in the quest for a better life from their original African homeland. Although some people view globalization as a reflection of the capitalism in our societies, Chanda's description adequately describes the term globalization.

Globalization as a change in the manner the social, political and the economic structures operates underline the fact that they are necessitated by the availability of information by people in a given area or locality. As a result, Nayan Chanda's description of the African people's movement from their native African home to other parts of the world is an integral basis for determining globalization in the world today (Chanda). During the late Ice Age period when a faction of the early African inhabitants opted to leave their ancestral land in search of the game as well as quenching their spirit of adventure, it earmarked the beginning of the first globalization. The search for the game led to the exploration of vast areas of the world as they passed through several areas with some settling in Asia. The interaction between the early Africans and the natives of the regions where they settled ensured there was a slight difference in their original skin color as well as their cultural trends due to intermarriage as well as borrowing of cultural aspects. As a result, the interaction between the African and the Asian people played a significant role in the onset of civilization.

The Carmel commerce and the e-commerce.

The current use of e-commerce in business activities signifies a significant, substantial effect of the globalization activities in several parts of the world. However, the currently applied e-commerce strategies in business operations sprouted from the initial Carmel commerce as characterized by the increased use of Camels as a means of connecting the traders and the consumers concerning business activities (Chanda). Moreover, the increased use of the Carmel as a means of transport for both the human beings and the trading commodities led to the introduction and use of other forms of transportation means.

The transportation means included the steamboats, the sails, the container ships as well as the ultimate use of the internet as the critical factor communication in the modern society. Although the use of Carmel as a tool for commerce connected a relatively smaller region as compared to the whole world, it played an integral role in facilitating the development of the internet as well as the use of airplanes as tools for traversing the world as well as promoting globalization in the world. Moreover, the limited nature of transporting goods from one point to another as illustrated by the use of the Carmel underlined the basis for sharing ideas that are instrumental in ensuring growing role of globalization in various parts of the world (Chanda).

The world inside

The products available in various markets and different parts of the world highlight the fact that there is an element of connectedness between the vast parts of the world and following people living around the globe. For instance, cotton was grown in Asia initially, in the Indian country to be precise. Nevertheless, cotton has currently spread to several parts of the world making several people produce the crop. Besides, cotton has played a significant role in ensuring a substantial portion of the world population has employment opportunities.

Cotton is one of the essential commodity for trade spread during the Carmel Commerce to various parts of the world as a result of the interaction between the traders as well as the customers and the communities they interacted with along the way in their course of trading (Chanda). Similarly, commodities such as the coffee beans that were more prevalent in Arabic countries are available around the globe a fact that adequately describes globalization yet it is attributable to man's desire to explore the world in a bid satisfy the several urges in the past. Hence, the current globalization.

Preachers' world and the world in motion

The preachers' world serves as an important basis for underlining the role of the man's past in the existing current globalization trends in the world as outlined by the existence of three main religions around the globe (Chanda). The religious leaders' quest to ensure a large proportion of the world's population received the news regarding the religious beliefs they were propagating with zeal played a significant role in ensuring there three religions present in the world currently. On the other hand, the world in motion underlines the impact of the spirit of adventure in the present globalization factors present in the world today.

The adventurers in a bid to quench their curiosity in discovering the world past their original geographical areas played a significant role in connecting the rather desolate parts of the world and following people who harbored such regions and the visitors (Chanda). As a result, the interaction between the adventurers and the natives in the varied areas ensured the existence of a similar outlook in several aspects around the world as outlined by globalization. As a result, the human activities in the past as highlighted by the preachers' world and the world in motion were vital in the current globalization aspects experienced in the world.

The imperial wave and slavery

The existence of high imperial rulers in the ancient empires around the world played a significant role in ensuring the continuation of globalization. Some of the old leaders had strong yet well-trained warriors who were vital in providing their quest for having a more extensive territory was successful. For instance, Alexander the Great was able to bring significant localities under his control as a result of his increased desire to exercise power over a vast geographical region (Chanda). As a result, the people under his leadership shared several resources while embracing a uniformity in some social aspects that were vital in globalization. Moreover, the slave trade practiced by the Europeans played a crucial role in the migration of the African natives to America as slaves.

The slavery activities ensured the people taken as slaves coped with new living standards in the new regions of deployment. Similarly, the slavery played a significant role in the existence of a multiracial society experienced in several parts of the world with the United States of America being one of the leading countries (Chanda). Nevertheless, the contact between people from various parts of the world has led to the existence of disasters in several parts of the world as highlighted by the plague of the SARS virus which is attributable to the impact of tourism.

In conclusion, globalization has played a significant role in ensuring a stable outlook in the different structures of the society such as the world politics, economy, and cultures. Although some people view globalization as the effect of the world capitalism, it is attributable to the man's activities and desires that date from the past events. According to Nayan Chanda, globalization is due to the roles of the preachers, the traders, the warriors as well as the adventurers. Globalization has contributed to both critical and adverse aspects of the society while enabling the existence of multiracial organizations around the world.

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Chanda, Nayan. Bound Together: How Traders, Preachers, Adventurers, and Warriors Shaped Globalization. London: Yale University Press, 2008. Document.

April 13, 2023
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