Google Acquired Moodstock Company

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Google Acquires Moodstocks to Expand in Image and Object Recognition

Google recently announced the acquisition of the machine learning startup Moodstocks in order to expand its operations in the Smartphone image and object recognition space. Moodstocks Company began developing image recognition technologies in 2012, and one of the big achievements that this technology company has achieved is the invention of smart sensors that can detect what is around them (Ingrid n.p). This Paris-based business has been dedicated to designing ‘eyes to the computer,' such as smart sensors, since its inception. Though the amount that Google acquired this company remains undisclosed, there is no doubt that this decision will highly work in favor of Google.

Enhancing Online Operations with Moodstock's Algorithms

Considering that Google is the market leader as online market is concerned, this acquisition will enable it to make huge strikes in enhancing the online operations. Based on what the head of Google`s France research and development center, Vincent simonet`s comments, the major purpose of the acquisition was to enable Google to use Moodstock`s algorithms for machine learning and visual recognition. If this target is achieved, Google will manage to use machine learning achievement for a bevy of programs. For example, Google earns most of its revenues through online advertising (actually, 96 percent of its revenues are from online advertisements), and by improving ways in which the targeted consumers can access and view the products being advertised in a clear manner, the more that the company will manage to get more ads, and this, in the long run, will contribute to more revenues (Natalie n.p). Precisely, most consumers who initially could not manage to buy a product due to the fact that they never managed to view the product in all the dimensions (longitudinal, vertical, horizontal, aerial, lateral rear view) will now manage to access this soon after the development of machine learning and visual recognition technologies.

Enhancing Google's Ad Placement and Website Operations

Consecutively, I strongly believe that with the acquisition between Google company and the moodstock Company will also enhance the manner in which Google places its adverts, in such a way that any person who visits this website can easily identify the advert and sooner than later make a purchase (Ingrid n.p). Actually, one of the major factors for a continued enhancement of the website is to review its operations, as well as reviewing the most likely action that a potential user may take any time he or she visits the website. For example, in the early 2000s, I do remember Google changed the layout of its website after realizing that there was a possibility of a user entering a term in the search box and fail to land on a subsequent page, but land to an authorized advertiser (if there was any sharp advertiser to place an ad there), and to the worst be motivated to buy the advertiser`s product.

Research and Development for Innovation and Unique Products

I also believe that putting more focus on the research and development is the cornerstone of being innovative and unique in terms of operations and the products being offered to the consumers. Most customers in the market are in need of unique products and it is through research and development that an organization can manage to meet this demand (Malin et al. 4-11). For example, through this acquisition, Google will manage to enhance its customer base especially by developing Google translator, which would enable the users to translate any content in their preferred language.

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November 09, 2022


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