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Google's Impact on Society

Google is a thriving program that has gone a long way from its inception in 1998 to become the world's largest and most used search engine site. Google has changed the way people study, conduct business, communicate, and entertain themselves.

Enhanced Studies with Google

Google's search engine has made studying much easier. When someone is looking for information on the internet, the expression "Google it" is fairly popular. Google has been working hard to guarantee that relevant information is only a few keystrokes away (Sonhini, 2016). Most of the information desired by the society is set up and fixed in the application by Google's teachers, tutors, faculty members, staff members, and students. Therefore, my studies have been enhanced by Google due to the reason that it helps me access more academic information necessary for my studies.

Connecting the World with Google

Connecting the world is simple and cheap. Google application helps me link to various parts of the world, considering that the Google Company launched Project Loon which led to the development of the driverless cars and the Google's Web-surfing eye classes (Sonhini, 2016). It is a plan that will get people faster and cheaper than the conventional cable-based links laid on the ground. Communication is now simple due to the introduction of the smart messaging where the users can perform quick searchers inside the app Allo. Emojis, photos, and stickers have made communication interesting and all it is because of the creativity made by Google.

Effective Planning with Google Hangout

As a student, I always need to make plans concerning my studies and hangouts. The Google Hangout is the greatest tool used to do some effective planning for students and small businesses because it makes planning simple and cost-effective. Hangouts facilitate connect with friends, employees, colleagues, and customers using calls and videos, making it convenient for those who prefer chatting and working from home (Sonhini, 2016). Business collaborations have been made easy by Google through the invention of Gmail storage space. Currently, businesses can store their data in the Google drives instead of keeping data in expensive physical servers.

Revolutionizing Entertainment with Google

Entertainment has changed due to the innovation made by Google. Popularity and application of Google have changed the way users watch videos. Today, YouTube has been localized in about 56 countries worldwide, and over 100 hours of videos are uploaded to the site after every one minute (Sonhini, 2016). Accessing entertainment articles have been made accessibility considering the reason that Google employees are well-informed, thus providing all public desires as far as entertainment is concerned.

Limitations and Conclusion

Despite the benefits by Google, there are some limitations associated with the popularity and accessibility of the material. Users, such as students, have become less creative in terms of research because most of the information is searched easily using the Google search engine. Security issues also have increased rapidly because most cybercriminals attach their harmful material to the Google site.

In conclusion, Google has a great role in the entire society, especially in education, business, communication, and entertainment. End-users enjoy and will always enjoy the Google services considering the fact that the application is improving continuously. Abuse of the application should be avoided as a way of creating a friendly environment for the Google Company as far as innovation in the information and technology sector is concerned.


Sonhini Baghi (2016). 18 Ways Google Has Changed The World. Accessed on November 6, 2017

June 06, 2023


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