Guns and Cars are Different

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Jacob MacLeod's Argument on Gun and Vehicle Regulation

Jacob MacLeod postulates the fact that guns and vehicles are similar in the sense that gun regulation, just as the regulatory measures on cars, would play a significant role in ensuring the number of deaths could reduce drastically. The regulation measures placed by the government on the vehicles with regards to the speed limits and driving techniques have reduced the number of fatalities previously experienced. As a result, gun regulation, just like vehicle regulation, would enhance a reduction in the number of death fatalities (MacLeod 81).

Insignificant Role of Some Measures

Despite Kristof's view regarding vehicle regulation and reduction in deaths, some of the measures underlined play an insignificant role concerning the need to ensure the death rates have decreased.

Enhancement of Gun Regulations through Background Checks

In a bid to ensure gun regulations are enhanced, background checks on the people using them should be expanded. Daniel Webster, a director at the John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, underscores the fact that it is essential to regulate gun usage and ownership, especially among the mentally ill individuals as well as the members of various gangs and the high-risk groups. In the same vein, Webster affirms that conducting background checks on the firearms would help to reduce the availability of guns not only to the high-risk users, but also the mentally ill people. The background check would also assist in ensuring the high-risk gun users are persecuted for the wrongs they commit (MacLeod 81).

Impact of Vehicle Regulation on Road Carnages

According to Kristof, the changes in the regulations of the vehicles concerning their operations played a vital role in the subsequent drop in the number of road carnages experienced as highlighted by the fact that the accident rates dropped to between 3.5 to 5 percent. Moreover, the changes made the drivers switch to better driving modes, an event that applies to gun use.

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August 14, 2023

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