Healthcare Lobbying and Legislative Process

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In terms of how healthcare issues are addressed in society

Things are changing. Nurses are now part of a larger team that works on policy concerns through lobbying and research. The rise and flourishing of evidence-based practice points to the adoption of a revolutionary agenda in nursing practice. As a result, rather than simply being available to implement, nurses are expected to be active participants in the change process through policy formation. Nurses must lead the policy formation agenda because they are the ones who deal with patents on a daily basis, and therefore only they can proactively suggest ways of improving service delivery at hospital level. In addition, nurses have inherent skills, education, attitude, values and ethics that are essential for proper policy formulation (Arabi, Rafii, Cheraghi & Ghiyasvandian, 2014).

This paper discusses the legislative process of Michigan State and the political issues affecting the public issue of gun control.

Part 1: The Legislative Process

The legislative process of Michigan is not so different from that of the Federal system and most other states. It starts with a minister or private member of the state assembly introducing the bill to parliament. Following its registration, the bill must be read thrice before it is enacted into law. The first and second reading is usually a mention of the bill's title to alert members of the assembly that there is a law that is being made. After the second reading, the bill is printed and sent to the referral stage.

The referral stage is where a select committee is tasked with the role of reviewing the bill by debating its contents. Save from just debating, "action" is required over the bill. Action may take various forms including reporting the bill with recommendation or taking no action at all. The action taken on the bill is what is transformed into a committee report. The committee report is then adopted and journalized under the order of standing committees. At the next sitting predetermined by the speaker the bill is read for the second time. During the second reading amendments are proposed by members who address the shortcomings of the work of the committee, and the amendments are adopted by the house through a serving majority. Once the house adopts it, it then proceeds to the third reading where amendments are adopted and voting is done. Finally, the governor is handed the bill for ascent.

At the governor's table any of the following scenarios may happen within fourteen days. First, the Governor may ascent to the bill without any reservations. Second, he may decide to send the bill back to the legislature for further deliberation. Third, he may veto the bill or decide not to sign it. However, in case he returns the bill more than twice, the legislature may enact it by two thirds majority.

Part 2: Analysis of Political Issues Including Pros and Cons

One of Michigan's hot political issues is gun laws, and for almost a year now politicians have been grappling on how best to implement the laws for universal benefit. One of the issues raised is that gun control issues do not reflect the reality on the ground. For instance, gun control laws seek to control access and use of firearms yet it is not the perfect solution to gun violence. In addition, gun laws have been found to be discriminatory, that is, some groups within the society have been given preference on how to acquire and use guns at the expense of others. With all these issues at hand, it calls for an all inclusive approach at ensuring that gun acquisition and use is protected through neutrality of the law.


Arabi, A., Rafii, F., Cheraghi, M. A., & Ghiyasvandian, S. (2014). Nurses’ policy influence: A concept analysis. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research, 19(3), 315–322.

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May 24, 2023

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