Hospitality Industry and Social Media Influence

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The term "virtual reality" refers to the process of transforming a virtual reality into a real-world experience. Everyone seems to be joining Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media services. These social media platforms can be utilized to improve the efficiency of the hospitality industry by serving as communication and marketing tools ("").

As a prospective hospitality manager, I would use these social media sites to share useful information with the audience. By using Google, for example, I would post frequently asked questions on the kind of hospitality solutions we offer and the company’s vision and mission in trying to provide quality services tour customers (“”).

Power and Influence of Google In Communication And Marketing

Global Penetration of Mobile Devices Is Facing A Rapid Increment

The increased number of mobile users is a matter of concern as current mobile phones i.e. Androids require a Google account to function thus tells that almost everyone with a current phone must have access to Google hence if you post information on Google a majority will view it. The information may be to show recreational facilities available, and by reaching a majority, the firm is marketed and promoted (“”).

Social Media Traffic to Hospitality Sites Has Increased Year-Over-Year

Video marketing via YouTube linked to Google converts to traffic and leads much more easily than other forms of content because it more efficiently gets across the point, shares a human element and can highlight the value of the facilities more quickly. Hospitality services should, therefore, look to create video content based on interviews, guest stories and more in trying to boost the hospitality industry as it is proved that currently, a majority use social platforms to get reception information (“”).

Tourists say social media helps them in Choosing Desired Destinations

For statistics are a foundation of improved outcomes, I would therefore as a manager borrow mathematical ideas as such. Such Social media statistics is important because it shows that many other managers believe that the transparency and authenticity that social media helps spur is improving the quality of care provided to tourists. Such statistics have proved the effectiveness of social media in passing information. Thus I will adopt the trend (“”).

Tourists View Social Media platforms As Fast in Retrieving Destination Advises

If the context of a group or community online is high quality and curated, then as a hospitality manager, I would embrace social media marketing in trying to reach tourists seeking destinations that they should visit our hospitality organization. By posting our location, recreational facilities and services offered, it will increase the number of visitors received (“”).

Question 2

Cloud Computing In the Hospitality Industry

In March 27, 2017 Benseron information technology published an article regarding the development of the POS to the hospitality industry. The article focus on enlightening the hospitality industry on the essence of cloud-based point of sale. The company choose to restructure their point of sale to bring efficiency in the company and they thought of sharing the idea to other key stakeholders in the hospitality industry

Profitability is the key objective for innovation of the cloud-based point of sale because cloud increases the accessibility of the company products thus increase the number of potential buyers online. The innovation is reasonable thus win the interested of many companies in hospitality industry

Cloud computing incorporates the use of remote servers(online) for storing, managing and data processing. Cloud computing offers some advantages to the hospitality industry such as data can be accessed and retrieved from any location as long as there is an internet connection (Jones, Steve, and Zahir).

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Low Costs

With cloud computing, you cut hardware costs, energy costs, and operational costs with the cloud. Your need for redundant hardware in a hotel or guest house is reduced and, as a result, you won’t burn throughout as much electricity. The cloud also cuts project time, which results in cost reduction and higher productivity (Jones, Steve, and Zahir).

Cloud computing solutions are reliable and secure

With cloud computing, you store your data securely and remotely instead of in an on-site physical location. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing all of your data if a natural disaster or a security breach occurs at your location (Sookhak and Mehdi).

In conclusion, it is evident that social platforms help in promoting the hospitality industry as social platforms messages reach a majority of people because a majority of individuals seek hospitality information online. Cloud computing also helps boost the hospitality industry by cutting down costs and increasing profits (Jones, Steve, and Zahir).

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Jones, Steve, et al. "Risks and rewards of cloud computing in the UK public sector: A reflection on three Organisational case studies." (2017).

Sookhak, Mehdi, et al. "Dynamic remote data auditing for securing big data storage in cloud computing." Information Sciences 380 (2017): 101-116.

May 10, 2023


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