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Most if not all of the people celebrate different occasions with family and what better way to celebrate it than holding a party. In parties, you will find a variety of food. Imagine finding all your favorite meals in one place, exciting right? But just after eating the food, you find yourself having stomach upsets, you start wondering what to do, you are there in a dilemma wishing that you never ate in the first place. Your favorite music is played by the DJ but you can’t dance to it.

Eno is all you need to get back on the dancing floor. Simply dissolve one sachet or one spoonful of powder in one cup of water and drink it. Believe you me Eno works effectively. It is easy to carry because of its size and the way it has been packed in sachets. The good thing about it is that it starts to work in six seconds, so this implies that it will work faster and hence provide relief soon.

Eno quickly provides temporary relief of heartburn and acid indigestion in the stomach and refreshing temporary reliefs from stomach upsets. It works by neutralizing the excess acid in your stomach. Eno also provides relief against stomach bloating caused by indigestion.

With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, Eno Fruit Salt was created and instantly spread across the globe to bring relief. And to this date, the same formula of ingredients has proven to be effective and continues to serve people to its best. For over 150 years, Eno has remained effective in dealing with stomach acids. Its Fast Cooling Technology gives you a cooling sensation instantly and in six seconds, you’re assured of getting back to your best self. 

The good thing with Eno is that it is available in six flavors including Cola, Salt Lemon, Salt Antacid Powder Orange, Regular, and the two recently introduced flavors: Cool Mint and Cool Lemon flavors. Eno is available in shops and supermarkets near you at an affordable price.

I expect to achieve the viewers behavioral and emotional response by first, making them be aware of how Eno is important and how it can really help during certain situations. For   Instance, I gave an example of when one attends a party and when he or she takes a certain meal and after few minutes she realizes that she has stomach upsets, he or she should just take Eno powder and dissolve it in water and within no time after drinking it, she will get relief and the person will be back on his or her feet dancing at the tunes at the party.

Another way I expect to influence the viewers is by making them be aroused, emotionally entertained, excited leaving them interested in the product hence improving the brand attitude. In order to achieve whatever, I have mentioned in the previous sentence is by mentioning that it works faster within a short time and one will not suffer indigestion. This leaves the audience assured of quality. It is with no reasonable doubt that once the viewer develops likeness he or she will definitely want to buy if need be.

Another technique I used to influence the viewers behavioral and emotional response is by telling them how Eno is easy to use and how it is easy to carry without causing any inconvenient in that it is packed in sachets so it can be carried anywhere, this makes the viewers have a positive attitude towards the product hence building a name for the brand.

To add on that, I expect to influence the viewer’s behavioral response by trying to explain how the Eno product has over the years proven to effective and improved drastically. This assures the viewers of good quality and makes the viewer have trust in the product. I also mentioned that it is cheap in price and hence affordable this proves to be readily available and hence assuring the viewers of quick accessibility.

Techniques Used

To start with, I used imagery when telling the story by giving an example of how one can be in a party when he or she begins to experience stomach upsets and having heartburns, then he or she is disadvantaged by the shortcomings brought about by eating some of his or her favorite food in the party. This leaves the viewer imagining of such circumstance happening to him or her making the viewer know of how Eno can help.

            Another technique I used was giving a gleaming detail by choosing an ordinary moment, for example, the part where a person hears her favorite beat being played but he or she can’t dance to the beat but can’t dance because he or she isn’t feeling well. This captures the viewers’ attention and it embodies the essence of the story.

            To add on that, I used a persuasive language for example by telling the viewers the advantages of using Eno and how effective it is the fact that it takes a short while to start working makes the viewers have trust in the product and also influences the viewer’s behavioral response hence leaving them motivated to trust ENO as the best remedy to heart burns and indigestion.

By using short and clear sentences, the viewers understood the advert more easily and this captures the attention of the audience making the ad to be widely seen by most of the people. It also conveyed the message intended to be put across. Hence, most if not all of the [people who came across the advert understood the message conveyed.

Consequences and Implications of My Findings

One of the implications I realized I made is that the viewers became interested in the product and they developed trust in the brand in that, they realized that ENO has got a lot of advantages, for example, it works faster to give relief within no time. This makes them have confidence in the brand, causing the increase of the usage of the product.

The use of a gleaming detail also helped a lot, it made the viewers put themselves in the shoes of the person making them compare how hard it is for a person having either heartburns or stomach upsets to survive without Eno and how easy it is for a person who uses it. This made the audience to realize how helpful the product is.

The viewers who had never heard about the product became aware of the product and also knew how they looked like. From the description I gave above, that entailed briefly on how ENO is used and how it is packed in sachets. It made the viewers realize how easy it is to use Eno. The outcome is that many people will have a positive attitude towards the product hence making them be popular among people increasing the purchasing rate.

The use of short and clear sentences makes the ad to convey the message in a clear way. This prevents the advert from being boring and captures the attention of the viewers making them capture the important details portrayed by the advert. As a result, it promotes the wide spread of information about the product making the brand name to be popular.


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November 24, 2023




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