How Kaizen Improves My Life

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I made several improvements by applying the model to my daily routine. First, I learned to make my bed when I woke up to avoid wasting time when going to bed. Second, I improved my physical wellness by doing 5 sit-ups in the morning. This exercise enhanced my physical and mental I require to face my tight schedule. Third, I became more health-conscious by having two spoons of noodles less than I used to take. This small step helped me reduced health defects related to poor dieting. Fourth, taking a walk to work helped me save some money I would have spent on driving to work. Also, I managed to avoid waiting for the morning traffic. Fifth, I enhanced workplace safety by cleaning the office space and arranging all tools and equipment properly before I started working. Clearing piles of paper and unread emails proved to be important to creating a safe workplace or ergonomic work conditions, consequently reducing inefficiencies at the office. Sixth, I increased collaboration and teamwork at work by consulting a colleague on a challenging task.

This consideration reduced underutilization of human talent as I leverage my peers' skills, talents, and creativity to address the issue I faced. Additionally, I honed my social skills by greeting my coworkers and actively listening to what they say. This behavior eliminated misunderstandings that may threat work interactions and processes. Also, I made a call to my team leader instead of walking into her office, which helped avert unnecessary movement that may jeopardize time and efficiency, as well as cause burnout. Besides that, I improved by self-control by taking two minutes to contemplate about conflicts I have had at work.

This meditation helped reduce unnecessary and improper disagreements and confrontations by understanding how to respond to people and situations appropriately. Moreover, I learned to ensure privacy and security sensitive data by changing my user details. This caution lowered the risk of missing information, authorized access to personal accounts, and loss of critical data, among other cybersecurity concerns by tightening user controls. Overall, Kaizen proved to be an effective model for changing my whole life better and continuous improvement by implementing big changes in small steps or incrementally.

October 30, 2023

Business Economics

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