“How to Stay Motivated When Business Slows or Stagnates,”

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The essay summarized

The essay summarized is Kristin Marquet's "How to Stay Motivated While Business Slows or Stagnates." According to the post, several entrepreneurs who embark on new ventures struggle to remain inspired. Any of these pioneers become enthralled by the prospect of what the future holds for them. When the entrepreneurs' companies slow down or stagnate, morale will suffer. As a result, Marquet makes recommendations that will help companies improve their competitiveness and run their enterprises more smoothly.

The importance of establishing smart targets

The author stresses the importance of establishing smart targets that are precise, observable, attainable, practical, and time-bound. An entrepreneur should take time to rediscover why he or she wants to start or started his business. While in entrepreneurship, it is essential to admit that mistakes happen and learn from them since they are critical to professional development. Having successful people on board can help an entrepreneur make the right decisions. Whenever an investor wants to get to the next level, he or she must change his or her mindset and have a positive attitude. Projects that an entrepreneur is passionate about should have ample time.

Handling businesses in good and bad times

Marquet further helps us understand how we can handle businesses in good and bad times. She outlines suggestions that can help maximize the productivity. These recommendations are; setting 'SMART' goals, rediscovering one's passion, learning from past failures or mistakes, having the right people on board, positive thinking/attitude and having ample time to work on projects that you're passionate.


In conclusion, every entrepreneur should examine his or her passion before venturing into any business. Passionate entrepreneurs are motivated and are not easily frustrated when business slows or stagnates. Sensible and measurable objectives should be set to ensure that entrepreneurs are aiming at achieving targets. Learning about the business cycle is very important since it can help to develop and implement marketing strategies.

December 08, 2022

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