Human Resource Management Background Check

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According to Krel (2013)

The human resource managers face various challenges while conducting a background check on the people they intend to employ. One of the primary challenges in the course of performing a reference and background checks is the difference in the policies that guide various nations. Also, in the course of conducting background checks on the applicants' credit and criminal issues, managers experience the setback of delays and high costs (Krel, 2013). Consequently, it is critical for a company to use vendors to conduct background checks.

The document by Krel is important

Because it contains critical information regarding the various factors that limit the employers' plans for screening the backgrounds of the job applicants. For instance, through the article by the author above, one learns that legal issues and high costs adversely affect the process of conducting a background check on the credits and criminal issues of the applicants. For instance, countries and colleges do not allow third parties to check the background information about others due to privacy concerns. Also, the article that Krel compiled is relevant because it provides crucial strategies that human resource managers can use to examine the applicants. Notably, through the material by the author above, one learns that the use of venders is an efficient method for acquiring the background information about an applicant. Also, Krel's material is relevant because it details some of the nations in which the process of conducting applicants' background checks is complex. Finally, through the material that Krel compiled, one learns that strengthening a vendor selection, managing external vendors and setting proper expectations among the hiring team play a critical role in the course of conducting a background check on the criminal records and the credits that an applicant has.


Krel, E. (2013). “Pre-Employment Screening Agenda: Forecast for Global Background Checks.”         Society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved from      today/news/hr-magazine/pages/0413-international-background-screening.aspx

October 30, 2023

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