Illegal Aliens in United States

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Over the years, the United States has always provided a welcoming atmosphere for noncitizens who wish to enter and reside lawfully in the country (Krogstad and Jeffrey). According to a study, thousands of immigrants are helped by immigration attorneys each year to start a new life in the United States. In reality, immigration lawyers support clients in obtaining work permits and visas from federal immigration authorities. Despite the fact that the United States permits legal immigrants to enter and stay in the country, millions of illegal noncitizens have entered the country, posing a significant challenge to the country's economic growth and development. Currently the number of illegal aliens living in the US is estimated to be over eleven million. Due to big threats posed by existing and new illegal noncitizens the government of US has enacted border and immigration laws to protect her citizens. This research paper seeks to justify the reasons why illegal aliens should not be permitted access to social security benefits.

The Influx of Undocumented Aliens

The influx of undocumented aliens in United States is worrying. In 2015, a study conducted by Pew Research Center estimated the populations of illegal aliens in US as 11 million (Krogstad and Jeffrey). . According to the research, there was a notable but small statistical reduction in the number of illegal aliens compared to previous year (2014). The eleven million unauthorized aliens represented a percentage of 3.4 of total population in US. Studies have shown that the illegal alien population reached its maximum in 2007 with an estimated figure of 12.2 million (Four percent of total US population). Mexico citizens form largest number of illegal aliens living in Unite State, with research revealing that in 2015 there were 5 million Mexicans staying in US illegally (Krogstad and Jeffrey). . Significantly, unauthorized aliens from other countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, china, India, Korea and rest of the world follow the suit (Krogstad and Jeffrey).

The Employment of Illegal Noncitizens

Research done by Pew Research Center using government data found that in 2014, there were approximately 8 million illegal noncitizens employed or searching for jobs in United States (Krogstad and Jeffrey). This figure represented 5 percent of total civilian workforce in U.S. Main occupation which have absorbed illegal aliens include construction and farming where the illegal noncitizens are overrepresented. California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois account for 59 percent of total illegal aliens in United States (Krogstad and Jeffrey).

Duration of Stay

Studies have revealed a large number of unauthorized aliens have stayed in United States for longer than a decade. According to studies, in 2014 approximately 66% of mature illegal immigrants had been living in U.S. (Chavez). However, the number reduced to 41% in 2015. Despite illegal aliens having significant contribution to growth of economy a number of factors make them illegal when it comes to accessing social security benefits.

Stealing of Social Security Numbers

First and foremost illegal aliens have been implicated in stealing of social security numbers of genuine and innocent legal American citizen. In 2010, a report by Social Security Administration revealed than about 1.8 million illegal immigrants in U.S were working with stolen or fake social security numbers (Krogstad and Jeffrey). Again the same report indicated that approximately three million illegal noncitizens paid taxes in 2010. When illegal immigrants steal social security numbers they commit a series of offences including but not limited to identity theft, social security deceit, perjury and forgery (Krogstad and Jeffrey). Stealing of social security numbers subjects many innocent Americans and children to untold suffering. Due to criminal records associated with social security numbers whenever real individuals present themselves to recruitment agencies and employers they end up failing background tests and therefore they are denied job opportunities (Miller, 33). Nevertheless, salaries and wages gained through stolen social security cards are linked to genuine owners of security numbers and whenever their children seek for urgent medical treatments their requests are denied on grounds that they earn a lot of money as per social security numbers. Social security numbers are used by children to search for job opportunities and consequently stealing of the same security numbers by illegal aliens denies them the chance to get employed.

Tax Payment Frauds

Moreover unauthorized noncitizens have been accused of participating in tax payment frauds. For instance, in 2014 inspector general for IRS confessed that more than a million illegal aliens were using stolen social security numbers to file returns (Krogstad and Jeffrey). Use of forged documents or stolen documents to file tax returns is unethical and unacceptable and those found guilty should face full consequences of the law.

Access to Social Security Benefits through Legal Programs

Instead of the immigrants living in United State illegally stealing social security numbers, they should focus on applying their own security numbers after securing work permit. In this way they can access social security benefits freely and fairly without any challenges or difficulties.

The Creation of Legal Programs

Secondly, there is existence of social welfare programs such as Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which advocate for rights of illegal aliens. Former U.S. President Barrack Obama and his administration in November 2014 established DAPA program (Capps, Randy, et al). The main aim of the program was is to fight deportation of illegal aliens as well as provide work eligibility to approximated 3.6 million immigrants living in U.S illegally (Capps, Randy, et al). However, for any individual to qualify for DAPA program he/she must meet various requirements such as being unauthorized alien father of American citizens, meet background test and many others.

Benefits of Legal Programs

Beneficiaries of DAPA and DACA programs are lawfully recognized by U.S laws and therefore they can seek for social security numbers once they secure work permits. Besides, the programs legally allowing illegal immigrants to apply for social security numbers the programs also empower the same illegal aliens to access social security benefits and medical healthcare services through their tax pay rolls. A study conducted by MPI-Urban Institute reported that DACA and DAPA programs have potential of reducing poverty levels and bringing many other measurable gains to illegal aliens living in U.S. (Capps, Randy, et al). Furthermore, the two programs offer protection to children and families from economic, psychological, social and developmental injuries that could result from deportation of illegal parents.

Opposition to Inclusion in National Healthcare Plan

Thirdly, large percentage of United States citizens (80%) is opposed to inclusion of unauthorized noncitizens living in U.S. in national healthcare plan which is subsidized by tax payers’ money (Miller, 25). This is due to the fact that many illegal aliens have been implicated into tax fraud cases. In addition by allowing the unauthorized noncitizens access to subsidized healthcare services will be breach of constitutional laws since illegal immigrants are illegally present in U.S. Significantly, according to Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy the amount of funds remitted by illegal aliens in form of income tax is limited due to low wages. Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy averaged the income of unauthorized citizens as 30,000 US Dollars which is much lower compared to 54,000 US Dollars for legal average household families (Miller, 67). To prove how is unlawful it is to provide access to social security benefits; the Republicans’ health bill has been enacted. The bill prohibits illegal aliens from accessing subsidized healthcare services, tax credits and many other social benefits.

Implications on the Healthcare System and Citizens

Due to high cost of living large populations of legal citizens in U.S including children and elderly people are not enjoying the benefits accrued from subsidized health care services. The situation has been exacerbated by ever increasing medical healthcare premiums (Chavez). High Medicare premiums make the accessibility of healthcare services unaffordable specifically to children and elderly people (Miller, 14). Inclusion of illegal aliens in National Healthcare Plan will mean that more deserving U.S. citizens will not be able to access the subsidized health services and therefore unauthorized citizens will be enjoying such benefits at expense of deserving citizens. Healthcare system in United States is innovation oriented and by siphoning more funds to caring for illegal aliens will financially cripple research and development departments. Less funding in research and development will mean that manufacture of new effective drugs and medical equipment will not be achieved.

Provision of Non-Emergency Care Services

Another factor is provision of non-emergency care services to about 750,000 immigrants which approximately costs $1 billion to tax payers (Miller, 55). This is contrary to Federal Law which provides for provision of emergency health care services to all individuals whose life is in danger. Provision of non-emergency services to immigrants which is being perpetrated by about 25 counties is violation of Federal Law. Since Federal Law allows provision of emergency services to individuals whose life is in danger in various situations, there is no concrete reason for offering every health service to individuals who illegally reside in U.S. Nevertheless, at State and Federal level an estimated 11 US dollars tax payers’ money is spend in caring for illegal aliens yearly (Chavez).

Safety and Security Concerns

Lastly, safety and security of legal American citizen is under threat with high influx of unauthorized aliens. Illegal aliens have been accused of rising incidents of domestic terrorism and crime. A good example of security threat posed by illegal aliens is recent blood murder of two innocent U.S. legal citizens namely; Kathryn Steinle and Marlyn Pharis (Krogstad and Jeffrey). The two are thought to have been brutally killed by known immigrants who illegally live in U.S.


Individuals residing in U.S legally have been convicted of fraudulent and forgery activities. Millions of illegal immigrants have been using social security numbers to obtain employment or justify their payment of taxes at the expense of innocent and legal American citizens. Significantly, illegal aliens have contributed to increasing crime rate in U.S. Allowing illegal aliens to have access to social security benefits is unlawful, costly and a burden to economic growth and development in United States (Chavez). A lot of funds have already been siphoned to take care of unauthorized aliens including enactment of Federal Law and programs such as NAPA and NACA (Capps, Randy, et al). Inclusion of illegal individuals living in U.S in social security services such as subsidized national healthcare plan and tax credits will financially cripple economy of U.S and consequently inflict a lot of suffering to innocent legally deserving citizens.

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December 15, 2022

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