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On websites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Plurk, among others, users can transmit brief informational contents by means of photos in image microblogging. The management can operate more easily thanks to microblogging's improved streamlining of information inside the organization and to clients (Lovejoy, K., Saxton, D. 2012) I decided to do business with Kenny Turkey Fried Chicken (KFC).

KFC uses as a type of microblogging with its image as a profile because it is a global company. KFC restaurants have a recognizable logo that makes them well-known worldwide. On twitter KFC has an account where its customers follow and whenever there is a new message to be passed it is posted there. Image microblogging is seen when an image if a given offer is posted and prices indicated for customers to easily relate. Images used in these sites are always clear and eye catching for easy reading. The images used in this microblog passes messages with no contradiction thus an effective way of passing messages.

The image used by KFC is a clear reflection of both local and global mores whereby it gives information, part of community builders and promotes and mobilizes. The image on the tweets has the information that informs the public on the organizations activities. is a microblog URL that communicates about the coupons menu and the deals on offer in November 2013. The microblog was successful then because it clearly communicated about the prised in USSD and everyone worldwide could relate with clearer images of foods offered. This was successful because KFC realized a profit and many people turned up to enjoy the offers.

In conclusion image microblogging can be an easier way of communication and cheaper because human beings can relate faster and clearly with images than a whole paragraph. Companies are encouraged to use microblogging to relay information.


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March 10, 2023




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