Impact of ERP Implementation on Performance of Hilton Hotels

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Multinational corporations have been at the forefront of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR). ERP has become one of the most successful technology software in improving the operation of organizations. Examples of international corporations which have implemented ERP software in operations are Procter & Gamble, Microsoft and Hilton hotels and restaurants (Hedman & Borell 2014, p. 79). Hilton Hotels and Resorts is an international full-service hotel and restaurant operating in the United Kingdom. Hilton runs in more than 85 countries in five continents.  The corporation has achieved significant growth and diversification since the implementation of ERP software. Research indicates that execution of ERP planning software improves on company capabilities. The paper will examine the impact of EPR on Hilton performance.


     The primary goal of the study is to analyze the corporation performance before and after the implementation of the ERP system. The independent variable will be the ERP software while the dependent variable will be the company performance.


The objective of the study will be to evaluate the performance of Hilton Hotels before and after the application of the ERP software. The analysis will be based on the key company performance indicators (KPIs). ERP brings about the collaboration of technology, management and organization in practice (Shannak 2015, p. 37). In achieving the objective, the research will use the Balanced Scorecard in the measurement of key performance areas.


The research will employ a scientific approach in data collection. Secondary collection method will be employed throughout the entire study. The data will be gathered from existing literature review on the identified research variable. The mediating variables of analysis will be the organizational culture, structure, decision making, management, and the environment of operation (TROTT & HOECHT 2015, p. 387). The moderating factors on the hand will be Hilton training programs, team spirit, and supportive management, among others. Data analysis will be categorized before and after the ERP implementation.


The paper will conclude that the implementation of the ERP improved the corporation’s performance. ERP systems impacted the company positively by enabling Hilton multinational to respond to the dynamic environment and a strategic position in the market. ERP served as a source of competitive advantage for the corporation.



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January 19, 2024



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