Impact of Wearable Computing Devices on Organizational Performance

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Wearable Computing and Organizational Management

Wearable computing typically influences how organizations get managed. Currently, wearable devices perform significant roles which directly offer a broad-based approach subject to hands-free information delivery. Such an approach enables workers to execute specified organizational tasks comprehensively. In the process, the dissemination of visual as well as aural signals gets communicated easily. Wearable devices have multiple sensors which track various forms of data. Eventually, the working environment becomes more suitable hence minimizing the corporate costs gradually. Meanwhile, efficient communication from the wearable devices in the kind of feedback helps to induce collaboration (Chad Udell, 2014). Smartphones are used by workers to display the synchronized form of data extracted from these wearable devices. With improvements in the field of technology, wearable devices will help improve organizational productivity.

Use of Salesforce Software in Wearable Computing

The concerned sales personnel can use the services offered by the Salesforce software, software bound to a worn smartwatch to check the various inventory levels in place. It would be quite comfortable to review the specified delivery methods, current prices, delivery dates as well as the transaction terms hence easing the spot transaction by customers. Questions subject to a particular product by a firm can also get responded to efficiently and promptly. Since the salesperson interacts with the customer directly, the smartwatch, having been fed with instructions bound to the placement of sales and purchases usually reveals the required information subject to a particular product. In the process, the transaction information, as well as the billing records, can then get accessed any other time or even on the spot.

Technological, Managerial, and Regulatory Issues

If the organizational focus subject to managing a firm is to equip its concerned employees with well-defined wearable computing devices, then, the following technological, managerial, and regulatory issues would get considered ideal (Debra, 2014). While managing, the managers implementing the decision to equip employees with wearable devices are obliged first to seek the buy-in decision for the concerned wearable devices. A demonstration showing how the devices would help improve the working environment is significant. Again, it is essential to point out how the devices would help the workers work efficiently. During organizing, the organization exploiting the significance of the wearable devices within their firm get to collect raw corporate data as well as managerial interactions. In the meantime, for the sake of embracing technology, the concerned wearable devices would not get considered to being cost effective. The wearable devices implementation should help to further the improvement as well as the development of new and more efficient applications.

Implications and Implementation of Wearable Technology

Several forms of businesses can openly get influenced by the benefits associated with the use of wearable computing devices. Therefore, the implications, as well as the implementation of wearable technology, would help improve the performance subject to the following fields: education, disabilities, health and medicine, fitness, transportation, enterprise, aging, finance, and gaming. The purpose of the wearable technologies bound to each of the above fields would help to assist in the smooth incorporation of operations within the organization. In enterprises, the integration of the wearable devices and its associated technologies in the form of portable computing devices and electronics would help improve the working environment as well as the daily work encounters among workers (Tehrani & Michael, 2014). It would be quiet easier to monitor the various pricing strategies. Besides, the primary products selling, as well as the impartially performing commodities can get noted.


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