Impacts of Business Process Reengineering Implementation on Employee Performance

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The Concept of Business Process Reengineering

The strategic business concept of BPR (Business Process Reengineering) emerged with the advent of increased globalisation, privatisation, and liberalisation of world economies. BPR is especially critical in customer-centric organisations where changing market landscapes frequently compel companies to realign competitive business strategies in order to sustain competitive positions or gain more market share. Therefore, business process reengineering can be defined as the dramatic complete overhaul of extant business processes by instituting new processes or establishing parallel processes to face out outmoded processes. However, tradeoffs associated with BPR's implementation benefits include employee layoffs, increased training costs, and decreased employee performance, as well as resistance from risk averse employees using the new processes due to diminished morale.

Study on the Impacts of BPR Implementation

The present study focuses on determining the impacts of BPR implementation on retaining and extending employee performance through a case study conducted at the BTC Company in Nottingham, UK. Mixed methods of research were employed to triangulate evidence from qualitative and quantitative data analysis. In addition to a comprehensive thematic review of past literature, descriptive statistics generated through MS Excel and SPSS were also used to determine underlying issues concerning BPR implementation at BTC, as well as to underpin the argument(s) presented in this study. Insights from the study are expected to form a strong foundation for further research in BPR implementation, especially for UK organisations.

Factors Critical for Successful BPR Implementation at BTC

Factors that emerged as significantly critical for the successful implementation of BPR at BTC include effective and all-embracing BPR communication, and the adoption of egalitarian leadership. The conclusion was deduced from analysing different responses based on cross-tabulation of various employee group classifications based on gender, age, years working at BTC, and educational background. However, due to constraints of time, scope of research, and finances to conduct a robust case study, the results of this research may not be generalisable. Future research can be directed towards uncovering the influences of age, gender, educational background, and work experience on the level of BPR's impacts on employee performance.

January 19, 2024

Business Economics

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