Indigenous women writing to survive

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Native American Women Writing for Survival

Native American women who write for survival explain how they use language and writing to express their complaints and speak out against injustices. The author wants to show the leader that indigenous women's and feminists' problems have been theorized, but not in the same way that issues are typically theorized in mainstream research.

Theory and Understanding the World

The indigenous women write about their theories because this is how they understand the world and navigate it. (89). The author contends that this theory is proven true when indigenous women speak out against the injustices and oppression they encounter in their daily lives. In addition, the author notes that women should stop viewing English or other non-indigenous languages as the language of colonizers, which makes them think less of themselves. Instead, they should embrace the language since it helps them express their experiences through writing for survival (90). By speaking out, indigenous women are revealing that continued threats will not keep them silent against oppression and that they will still survive (92). But first, they need to identify the enemy so that they can feel empowered and become role models to the younger generation (93). The author notes that through writing, indigenous women are able to share stories and establish their common struggles (98). Indigenous women fight violence through their scholarly work by portraying women as more than objects to use and abuse (106). This enables women to heal and survive while at the same time being responsible.

The Connection to Settler Colonialism

This reading connects with the settler colonialism reading in the sense that in both, the authors are trying to bring out the effect of colonialism on indigenous people and their struggle in dealing with their history which reminds them of the oppression and hurt they went through.

The Importance of Speaking Out

I think it is important for indigenous people to talk about their history, their struggles and speak out against injustices either through writing or other forms to ensure that the future generation clearly understands their past and the healing process of their people.

June 26, 2023
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