Individuality loss

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Individuality is the possession of characteristics that distinguishes oneself from others. Individuality, according to Phil, is the process of being distinct from another through one's desires, beliefs, and ways of existence (21). Individuality loss means the loss of all of the above, not just the act of one being in a crowd. Corruption is one way for a person to sacrifice his or her own uniqueness. In this situation, one's personality is lost as a result of doing what everybody else is doing, which is corruption.
Let us consider the question of police misconduct. Police corruption is an abuse of Power by law enforcing order officers in order to gain personal benefits or departmental benefits.
The issue of corruption among police is an issue of significance since not only the police are involved but all the people. This is an issue that does not only affect the society the country but even the whole world at large. The issue revolves around; corruption of authority, fixing to protect other officers in a court of law or any other kind of investigation, withholding evidence or failing to appear in any criminal hearing.
Some behaviours that changes the true personality of police are also regarded as corrupt behaviours they change the true personality of police they include; Psychological paradigm where most police officers are authoritarian which truly hides the true personality of police officers since it's a norm of all police officers to be cynical and harsh one gets into such a habit losing his own individuality
Another behaviorial type of corruption is Sociological paradigm where most police go through harsh training totally changing their overall behaviour prompting them to explicit some behaviours that are out of their own self-images. An example of new recruit becoming harsh is always reinforced by what he sees from other peers and colleagues. This really affects the person's real personality in future since he doesn't show what really is rather shows what he is trained to be.
The last type of behaviorial type of corruption is anthropological paradigm this is where police officers culture changes due to where he is. This may make a police officer to have a character of the environment where he lives. Someone may become a racist due to the fact that he lives in a certain region where most people of a certain race are said to be terrorist hence the issue of racism develops in him. Some police are brought in grounds that they suspect all the public losing the trust in public (Bayley and Pariot).
The issue of police corruption is a sign of how society at whole has lost individuality in the sense that almost every police officer is taking bribes and every citizen is more involved in giving bribes to get away with small mistakes that they may have done.
Let's take an example of traffic police who worldwide have been seen taking bribes from drivers who may or may not have done any mistake. It seems this to be a norm that taking bribes from drivers is what all police should do yet as a person you know that it is very wrong to do so since every police is doing so you find yourself doing so this is a great loss of individuality to the whole police body. Now as we turn to the loyal citizen its every citizen knows that it's good to follow the rules, you as a citizen you try to follow what the other people are doing since it seems normal to give bribes you lose your true you to follow the crowed by giving bribes to the police losing your true individuality by following what's wrong since almost everyone is doing the same. Into looking the issue of police corruption there is loss of individuality in both side that is; the citizens and the police. The course of corruption makes one loose his integrity, trust, responsibility and loss of ethics. It's of great significance that just a case of corruption one is able to lose his or her individuality without him or her knowing since you live a life of crowed. There are two main results of police corruption;
Spread of culture of corruption causes the greatest loss of individuality among the people. First law enforcement will not be an issue of day since everyone is able to get away with. As we can see again the police self-image is lost since what he does is not exactly who he is this is another way of losing self-image and individuality.
Decreased loss of public trust- the public lose any trust with the police. An example of a police officer who takes petty bribes for truck drivers to give them licence makes the citizen loose trust in the police and at greater instance destroying the relationship between the police and the public.
Approaches of solving police corruption
A report on corruption by Bayley and Perito suggest two ways of solving the problem of police corruption (9) use of Triage and bootstraps let's consider each.
1 Tri Age
As Bayley and Perito puts it triage involves looking into deeply the limits to which the international or multinational community can do where the limits would be analysed country by country (8) such analysing would need to check countries that have the will to stop corruption while checking the countries where the issue seems to be permanently rooted in cultural roots. Police observation reforms and rules would be given throughout the countries that would be chosen. Such an approach would be used to deal with police corruption worldwide hence making it a global undertaking.

Even when local environment may be loaded against undertaking successful corruption reform, it may be possible to nudge behaviour by focussing narrowly on the behaviour of corruption (Bayley and Perito 9). This process involves each government to take into consideration the issue of camping police corruption. Lack of government support to police reforms seems to be another great way through which police corruption is evident. Most countries see police country as a result of government and political pressure. Every arm of government should support the issue of police reforms. Every regime should support the undertakings to stop this issue .in order to undertake the police reform some issues are considered;
Insisting the reforms from the top is one of the best ways of solving the issue of corruption is evident that corruption starts from the top positions of authority then follows to the juniors when corruption is addressed from the top it would be easy to deal with it. it is also advisable that the authority should address the issue of corruption and put necessary measures to curb corruption hence this seen as a best way to deal with corruption. Leaders should explicit good morals that can be followed by the juniors.
Prioritizing the reforms is another way in where corruptions should be undertaken across all boards .it should be done selectively one after another in orderly manner. Every form of corruption should be dealt with selectively. Dealing with each kind of corruption from every office would be another way where dealing with corruption would be made easy.
Thinking tactically is also another way where it is recommended that all organizations should increase the way they deal with police who take bribes and increase the penalties of one who will be caught taking bribes. The risk of police being caught should be high hence reducing the probability of them taking bribes.
Discipline should also be enforced in all police organisation that deal with police. Any police officer who shall be found violating the rules should be dealt with .other methods include making the police body indecent to prevent any political interference that may make the body corrupt and creating a good environment where the relationship between the police and the public to make the relationship conducive would prevent the issue of corruption.
3 Educating the Public
Another competing solution to compacting police corruption is educating the public. The public should be given enough education on how the should relate with police and even how the police should relate with the public. Onother important aspect would be educating the public on the disadvantages of corruption on a general scope. Such an approach would be best to compact corruption from the public view (Chin and Jackson).
My Approach
In accordance with the above three given schools of thought, first let's take approach 1.
Use of tri age first the use of try age is somehow disadvantageous to my point of viewing that;
First it is not known how much macro level social conditions can constrain police reforms. This approach is a new approach that has to be weighted precisely before being undertaken putting such a reform worldwide would rather be impossible in compacting police reforms. Before putting the consideration of enacting the reform it would be wise to check into the police administrative system of the country at whole and the political grounds through which the country where the reforms are undertaken operates in such a method has be tried in vain in some countries.
Secondly this method would not be truly trusted since some global organization would take this series and there is a fear that some organisation would even promote crime such as narcotic trafficking instead of promoting transparency and compacting the issue of police corruption.
Such disadvantages would prompt me to choose approach two where each country would deal with its own way of compacting police corruption into checking the approach it is possible that every country due to its own political view it would be able to deal with the issue correctly.
It would also be wise to have a combinations of approach in dealing with the issue the best being approach 3 where the general public would be educated on ways of dealing with corruption and ways in which the relationship between the police and the public would be increased .cases of corruption would be dealt with and in general the way corruption leads to loss of compacting police corruption it would be a great way to return the police individuality and that of general public. Since corruption in police is one way which leads to loss of individuality is better if the approach of bootstrap and education was used to camp such a great ulcer of corruption that may lead to total loss of individuality.

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September 21, 2021
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