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Ten years ago, following the hospital restructuring, the head of the health information system identified a number of areas where the healthcare system needed to improve. Both the patient's needs and the output of the healthcare staff must be met for improved service and higher-quality health care provisions. When business and the health community are aware of the various roles that people play, these are conceivable. Therefore, the institution must make sure that the teamwork of the patient, healthcare professionals, and health support personnel is achieved in order to deliver quality service. The director stressed the change in policies, procedure, and operations of the organization

To ensure systematic act of service delivery are met, the institution needs to observe and be bound by set regulation that will result in efficient service delivery.

Among this rules are the policy regulation, which covers all the areas of a client need. The administrative policy is the primary support of the hospital that ensures everything is running smoothly and in the proper place in the order of right reception to the patient, staff, and the visitors .this policy should ensure that the visitations rule are observed. By introducing ways of doing formal communication to the visitors, stipulation of a breakdown of timely activities that should be undertaken and what time will visitation be.(Pope et al. 2006) More so, it is the responsibility of the administration to ensure that the staff is well dressed in the organization and when attending to the patient. Management should provide enough equipment are available such as an adequate supply of beds, bedcovers, kitchen equipment, laundry requirement among others. Furthermore, the human resource management policies should be keen on how the staff is complying with the rules and regulations of the organization as well concern for their wellbeing. Staff members are the vital component of a hospital who need particular attention for quality approach and service delivery.

And to ensure that the rules are made, the introduction of a comprehensive list of policies should be in place. The staff members should know when they will take their vacations days, personal hygiene maintained, and as well allocating duties to each. Providing healthcare policies that meet the client's various need such as nutrition guides, family planning education provision of HIV/AIDS services and care, admission and discharge, patient’s right and responsibilities among others topics. Furthermore, the pharmacy department should be governed by the medicine policy that will enable them to handle drugs shipment, ensure that no mistakes or accidents should occur while dispensing of drugs no wrong information are given to the patient.

The pharmacy service provider should be qualified and competent to deliver services. The information management policies as well should ensure that confidential issues pertaining clients and staff are well kept by introducing a strict code of privacy that are not violating the rights of anybody. Such policies may include confidentiality, security integrity of information among other methods of ensuring information management policies are well met.

Secondly, the administration should put in place procedure that will guide both the staff and the patient on receiving and discharging service care pertaining health. Method constitutes orders set to accomplish target. Hospital procedures should be applied by all the organization fraternity as well as every department should follow their specific system. To the patient, such process includes what patients should do during admission; the patient should sign the patient form if they do not own personal seal, go to the in-patient reception by the appointed time and should complete the admission procedure before proceeding to the hospital ward. While admission procedure should entail, personal seal, registration card, admission application form, hospital gown confirmation among others.

While the same process applies to the client during discharge, when the doctor has released the patients, they need to ensure that they have carried all their items and signed out at the nurse station. They would need to present the patient registration cards or any other medical registration forms. They should also know that without giving out their medical insurance, they will be responsible for their medical expenses. Whereas the health care services providers have the procedure of taking the patient through the service, for instance; when a patient enters the health facility, inquiries are made from the reception, goes through registration at the health record department, they will then be directed to the physician for checkup and if need be they will be sent to the laboratory for various test then to the pharmacy to collected drugs. Among this and many others forms of procedures that ensure healthcare service is systematic and the organization is well planning to deliver services.

Finally, the hospital cannot manage to function well without the support of the operational management. Some of the prominent example of operation management in healthcare includes controlling costs, enhancing the level of service and improving the quality of service provided to patients. It focuses on the practices designed to monitor and manage all the processes within the production and distribution of product and services. The operational management has to meet the goals by governing the purchase of products, the creation, monitoring inventory and preserving quality and all other companies’ internal processes. And help in controlling cost due to the current value of healthcare that overuse expensive, technologies and emergency-based treatment, the high cost from care that remains uncompensated due to patients being uninsured which burden not only the health insurance and taxpayers but also the healthcare institutions.

The healthcare operation managers should help to strike a balance between necessary high-tech treatment and community centers that offer preventive services. Cost control affects both the quality of services that are provided to patients. Inefficiently managed cost cut down on budgets, limiting the technology and equipment that can be purchased and used to provide the necessary services. (Delmonge Monego et al. 2009)Therefore the operating system should ensure that they aim to streamline costs and to create an essential funding to maintain adequate levels and quality of services offered. Operation management help in reviewing the competence of healthcare professionals, evaluating practitioner and performance, health plan performance, conducting training programs that will improve service delivery. Operation system in health organization is the critical point that will ensure that the institution is running well as it is expected and the expectations of both the patient and staff are met.

Health system could not expect to operate efficiently if it was to be without the rules that govern the process, manage and run the institutions. The importance of implementing policies, procedures and the operating system has dramatically helped with the quality delivery of services. The organization can be assured of systematically running with both to the good of client and the staffs. Introduction of policies, procedures, and operation are the crucial part of a functional institution that should be practiced in all health services provision organization.


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April 13, 2023

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