Exploring the Quality Management of Healthcare Facilities With Focus on the Emergency Ambulance Services Under Northern Emirates Project

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The research as presented is written in five chapters. Each ripe with content meant to address the research subject “Exploring the quality management of healthcare facilities with focus on the emergency ambulance services under Northern Emirates Project.” The first chapter presents the introductory elements besides stating the problem under investigation, the objectives and aims of the research, the research questions and a summary. The second chapter presents a review of literature obtained from various scholarly sources. The section is divided in different sections based on the research objectives and aims. It also presents the conceptual framework to which the researcher aimed at aligning the research according. In the third chapter, the methodological approaches employed are detailed. These include the data collection approaches employed and the data analysis approaches that the researcher identified with. A qualitative approach was embraced aligned with the cross sectional study approach. Data was collected both using the primary and secondary approaches with the researcher finding it ideal to use a questionnaire presented through survey monkey that created simplicity in the research process. In the fourth chapter, the researcher first presents the results obtained from the research process followed by a discussion and analysis of these results based on the research questions to identify if the researcher met their earlier set objectives. The section also allowed the researcher examine the contribution that the primary and secondary research approaches adduced to the research process albeit them presenting data from different sources. The secondary data was obtained from already existent content while the primary data was gleaned from interaction with research participants. The last chapter presents another part of the study whose focus was on providing a conclusion on the entire work and recommendations of both practical nature and those pertaining to research subject future researchers may employ. An appendix carrying the research questionnaire employed and the sources leading to the academic data are presented.

January 19, 2024

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