Analysis of Various Solutions Presented by Other Teams in Class

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Analyzing the Solutions

This paper analyzes the various solutions presented by other teams in class and comparing them with our group's proposal. To achieve this goal, it is important to present a brief summary of our team's proposal. Our team's position is that the whole Alphabetical Ecosystem should be centered on the search engine. This solution is developed from the acknowledgment that search engine is the backbone of Google with its advertisement contributing for 95 percent of the company's total revenues in 2012. Apparently, Moonshots did not have a clear long-term strategy for corporate development. Placing search engine as the center of Google and the entire Alphabet ecosystem will enable moonshots to attract more users besides complimenting Google's design efforts with supporting measurement of the search engine.

The Creation of Global Education Form

One of the groups in class recommends the creation of global education form such as coursera. Some of the strengths of this proposed solution lie in its ability to offer degrees for people who would have otherwise not been able to obtain one. Besides, it will cost every student only $15 per month, a price which the group considers reasonable. The group also posit that the solution will involve partnering with top-tier universities, giving a good reputation to the education form. Whereas there are several benefits envisaged by the group in their proposal, I find various reasons to be skeptical of the effectiveness of adopting this proposed solution. To begin with, the proposed solution fails to outline the parts that must be shut down for its implementation. Also, the proposal does not mention their marketing strategy given the fact that it shall not have attained the government and higher education accreditation. In addition, I also believe the price of $15 per student per month is still expensive. This is true considering that there is an institute that charges a price of $9 to have students enroll and access their materials. In this regard, I believe setting the price around $10 would be reasonable. Until the inadequacies of this proposal are addressed, our solutions would still be more preferable as it covers a long-term strategy on how to deal with Moonshots products.

The Formation of Investment Division

Another group proposes the formation of investment division as the solution. However, there are many problems with this proposed solution. First, to format the investment division of underperforming Moonshots products cannot be effective in improving their performance. Moreover, the group has failed to recognize that Alphabet generates all its revenues from Google search engine. As a result, the group has developed their solution restricting the Alphabet from generating its own revenue. Moreover, having the division process the ideas consumes time. I believe a good solution should be one that saves time and encourages research and development. This group's proposal requires that all the divisions report to the investment division and the board as well. However, I feel that every division should have investment unit rather than having a separate division handle all investment. The proposal also fails to recognize Nest and Google X, which generate more revenues. It also fails to explain what these revenues will be used. To sum up, I believe this group's solution is too incomprehensive to be implemented, and above all, does not provide either short-term or long-term strategy.

Restructuring of Alphabet Other Bets

The last group recommended the restructuring of Alphabet Other Bets into three main segments. While this solution portrays potential, its ability to focus on research and development expenditure is questionable. This proposed solution advises against any modifications or changing the existing Google products and instead recommends for massive research. This suggestion is not satisfying, especially given the fact that some of the Moonshots' products are performing poorly. Keeping these underperforming products active would only be a waste of resources. The solution suggested by this group also does not outline and explain the short-term and long-term strategy for operating the Alphabet. In addition, the recommendation will also require allocation of funds and resources to each segment to facilitate research and development. This is a poorly structured process that may lead to embezzlement of funds and compromise the accountability in the process. Another weakness of this solution lies in the use of expected profits. While the suggested solution has a potential of generating profits, it does not explain how the system will rely on Google search engine. How to incorporate Google search is the major challenge facing Alphabet.

Evaluation and Conclusion

As already mentioned in this paper, search engine is the backbone of Google with its adverts accounting for 95 percent of the total revenues collected in 2012. It is however important that Alphabet develops means to generate own revenues independently and stops overreliance on Google search engine. It is also clear that some Moonshots products lacked a proper corporate development strategy. It is therefore of great importance to modify the search engine to make it the core of both Google and Alphabet's ecosystem. This will expand the use of Moonshots as an alternative and a complement to Google's design. Consequently, Moonshots will have a long-term search engine improvement strategy supported by data from the core, technology and resource generation.

Preference for Our Team's Solution

After assessing the other suggestion presented by the other three teams, I believe the solution presented by our team is preferable to the ones presented by the other teams. I feel my team presented a comprehensive solution that covered the long-term strategy, what to be done with underperforming Moonshots' products, profits generation without relying on google search engine and what product to stop producing. My team's main strategy is a cost-reduction strategy that will improve efficiency by eliminating production of underperforming Moonshots' products. Also mentioned in our solution is the culture, more particularly the visions and values are of significance to the company. A number of activities are necessary before effecting the cultural change in the organization. Such activities include making the employees make employees understand the change. Also, managers must undertake training on the search engine-based ecosystem to familiarize themselves with it and understand its importance. This will also help the technology professionals obtain the acknowledgment needed.

January 19, 2024

Corporations Learning

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