Intellegent Machines: Innovation

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Intelligent machines are smart computers, using technology from the computer (Galper, 2017). Smart devices include self-driving vehicles, robots and cognitive calculators that can determine and solve problems without human intervention. The project for smart machinery specifically defines its intended group and is made up of the organization. In this community, the smart machines carry out decision making on the basis of probabilistic, multiple tasks, high level uncertain and complex tasks, and gauge the feelings of people by examining their facial movements.

The smart machines innovation address the business need of performing complex tasks without exhaustion and with speed and consistency. For a long time business have been looking for a way to carry complex tasks and ensure they perform them with speed and consistency so as to meet the increasing demand of their products and services while at the same time minimizing costs. With the innovation of the smart machines such as robots, the business community has been able to handle complex tasks with speed and consistency, thereby increasing productivity (Fine, 2013). In fact, the smart machines have made the business community to realize economies of scale. Furthermore, usage of smart machines by the business community has enabled it production costs because it has now replaced the human workforce with robotics. Also, due to their high speed, efficiency, multitasking and their ability to work for long hours, the smart machines has enabled the business community to increase productivity and minimize costs of production (Smart machines: IBM's Watson and the era of cognitive computing, 2014).

The smart machines innovation can be expanded beyond the business community to benefit all other communities so as to benefit more people. For instance, households can use this innovation in their homes to perform household chores such as fetching water, cooking, cleaning and milking cows. Likewise, smart machines can be used in the transport industry in form of self-driven vehicles (Smart Devices and Machines for Advanced Manufacturing, 2010).

The impact created by the smart machines innovation can be measured in terms of assessing efficiency in production, quality and quantity of production, duration of production, and cost savings (Torriti, 2014). To estimate the time it takes to see the positive results of the smart machines innovation, it will depend on the community where it has been applied and the level of the application of the technology. Accordingly, there is no specific duration of determining the positive results. To know the benefit accrued from smart machines innovation, one can examine the efficiency, quality, and quantity, cost savings, and duration taken in performing a given activity.


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September 11, 2021


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