Introduction to Operating Systems

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Essentials of Computer Operating Systems

This topic presents an introduction to computer operating systems. It introduces applications in the user space for ease of navigation. It explains different features that may be unique when healthcare professionals choose to use Windows, Mac or Linux. An explanation of the different operating systems enables healthcare professionals’ competence in using all the three operating systems. Although windows are most common operating systems, Mac and Linux are gaining widespread preference in different sectors including healthcare. Further, this topic covers skills such as file management under different operating systems. Healthcare professionals handle different types of files that have sensitive data. Besides, this topic will sensitize healthcare professionals on best ways to manage schedules using every operating system.

Database and Software Used In Healthcare

Electronic Health Records (HER) are stored in a database. Healthcare professionals should have a perfect understanding of the types of databases and their applications. Besides, they should learn the different online health databases relevant to their specialty and roles. The topic presents different functionalities of database operations. It sensitives healthcare professionals on making entries into the database. It directs them on procedures of storing entered data. It further guides them in the organization or presentation of data for ease of retrieving critical information stored. Moreover, it sensitizes healthcare professionals on database administration such as adaptability to institutional reforms through the implementation of technical upgrades of the database.

Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare informatics is a fundamental area that every professional must understand. This topic introduces the concept of healthcare informatics, its definition, and applications. It informs healthcare professionals of the critical role of integration information from different subsets of healthcare management to improve quality of treatments to patients (Sweeney 1). Information systems and technology applications are pivotal to coordinating different roles of professionals in a healthcare workplace setting. It is imperative to train healthcare professionals to embrace technology use through computer applications in an attempt to advance their coordination efforts at the workplace (Manojlovich 3). Healthcare informatics enable professionals to perform collective processes. It demands knowledge of data management and information dissemination using technology.

Privacy of Healthcare Data

Healthcare data and medical information are strictly confidential. Healthcare professionals have a legal obligation to ensure privacy and integrity of data collected from patients’ interviews, laboratory results, and other treatment measures. This topic sensitizes professionals on standards and ethics they must observe to keep healthcare data private. It guides professionals on measures that help limit unauthorized access to critical and private medical information. It will highlight provisions of the HIPAA Privacy Rule on the security of personal sensitive patient information (HHS 1). This topic emphasizes patients’ confidentiality regarding information stored by healthcare professionals in the computer database. Besides, it will inform healthcare professionals of the necessity to consider state laws and standards relating to privacy of sensitive healthcare data.

Computer-Assisted Communication in Healthcare

Advancements in technology applications result to exceptional levels of coordination between healthcare professionals and patients. This topic highlights the diverse areas of applications of computer-assisted communication. For instance, computer-assisted instructions are applicable in symptoms management and the provision of social support to patients (Duren-Winfield et al. 500). It addresses the application of telemedicine in enhancing the quality of healthcare services. Professionals can manage appointments and serve patients in remote locations. This topic aims to encourage healthcare professionals to appreciate and use computer-assisted communication to improve service provision and quality of care.

Most healthcare professionals use Windows and Mac operating systems more often compared to Linux. I leant the advantages of using Linux operating systems. Linux has high-security features that make it a preferred operating system to manage sensitive patient data or medical information. Linux is a secure operating system compared to Windows and less susceptible to hacking. I will use Linux, especially when keeping private data and information on my computer. Linux is ideal for healthcare professionals to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

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