Is it possible to hold both religious and scientific beliefs?

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A sincere believer and a typical scientist

A sincere believer and a typical scientist cannot simultaneously hold to their beliefs in God and science. Absolute trust and belief in every word and verse of the Bible are held by steadfast religious believers. Therefore, a true Christian will never even consider the remotest possibility of comprehending the Darwinism theory of evolution as the origin of humanity. (Grasse 24). On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that a typical scientist will only accept an idea or claim if it is supported by scientific evidence. Readers are obligated to have faith and accept from the contexts of creation in the Bible. Typical scientists may completely not rely on believe especially when there are so many philosophical questions around the origin of mankind (Grasse 35). Existence of a difference already at the basic concept of origin of mankind already tells that the two cannot be combined in the same pool and doing so will be blasphemous to self principles and field of knowledge.

In book of Exodus 20: 1 -10

In book of Exodus 20: 1 -10, the Bible warned believers against having any other god before him as one of the Ten Commandments. Science is a symbolic god that has explanations that totally contradicts those of the Bible. All Christians were advised by Jesus Christ in the New Testament through his disciples to ether remain 'cold' or 'hot' and not look-warm (James 1:22). A Christian who has chosen to believe both in God and Science is equivalent to a confused person who is committing sinful deeds without knowing. The scriptures of the Bible require a Christian to completely complying to the life teachings of the Bible because it is wholesome. It is thus completely not possible to have a Christian who knows his/her way well around the biblical teachings to believe in science.

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June 26, 2023

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