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Strategic Leadership and Jeffery Bezos

Strategic leadership entails the ability to persuade others to make voluntary choices that are likely to improve an organization's long-term growth prospects. In this way, it entails pursuing aims and targets through the efforts of those who work for a business. Jeffery Bezos is a marketing and technology computer scientist, visionary, and businessman best known as the chairman, founder, and CEO of, the world's largest online shopping retailer. Bezos is the representative under consideration in this report, and his group is therefore investigated in order to conclude the task. The main reason for selecting Bezos is because he has developed his organization from scratch in the modern information age. Jeff being the top leader in the organization, has diversified the operations of the organization from an internet merchant of books to a broad array of products and services, including video and audio streaming (Roy, & Charaborti, 2017). Developing an organization from a start-up to being among the largest entities around the world involves a lot of commitment in terms of both financial and non-financial resources. Also, effectiveness and strategic plans are important elements of achieving tangible success in a modern business organization. Through nurturing the organization into a global entity, Jeff has become among the richest persons in the world and so succeeding in business has translated into personal success.

Jeff's Success Beyond Amazon

On top of running Amazon, Jeff has other business interests including newspapers and aerospace. The secondary business organizations in which Jeff has invested have been significantly successful though not to the levels that he has hit with Amazon. The fact that one man has achieved tremendous success in various sectors within the larger global economy means that he has mastered fruitful means of managing other people and achieving results through them (Roy, & Charaborti, 2017). It means that Jeff has managed to be effective and strategic enough to rise to the global platform of competition in the business context. The success that he has achieved throughout the years has been the main reason for selecting him to be the case study in this paper.

Achieving Milestones with Amazon

In the past 12 months or so, Amazon has reached a point that Jeff refers to as "an interesting milestone." The retailing bigwig, so universally linked to the sale of books, then videos and music current stocks more than 20 million merchandises in inventory. A majority of the retailer's inventory include non-media goods such as tennis rackets, garments, electronics, and generally things that people can ship (Roy, & Charaborti, 2017). People of advanced ages are likely to compare Amazon with Barnes & Noble, but the current generation of teenagers consider the former to be the same as a store. This remarkable turning point is arguably the greatest accomplishment that Jeff has achieved with Amazon.

Customer Needs and Jeff's Strategic Approach

Jeff managed to achieve this diversity through primarily concentrating on customer needs, both regular and special. He ensures that customer needs, tastes, and preferences are accorded paramount importance in all the operations of the organization. For example, Jeff is highly strict regarding what the customers do not want and disrespect. They do not appreciate "out-of-stock" situations, delays, and defects. The CEO in an effective and strategic move introduces patrol measures that monitor such numbers continually, seeking to suppress them as much as possible. According to Jeff, even a negligible delay the loading of a website page is not an issue that is trivialized from the context of an organization that is seeking success (Roy, & Charaborti, 2017). A 0.1-second interruption in loading a page can potentially decipher into a 1% drop in the activities of customers on the site.

Customer Satisfaction and Business Success

Bezos policy of customer satisfaction has gone a long way in ensuring that the firm has achieved success in the course of doing business. The CEO's enthusiastic protection for customer needs has paid off for the organization in the long run. Research indicates that in a customer gratification index for 225 of the United States largest enterprises, Amazon has led in the web-based retailing category for many years and positioned among the top 10 among all the organizations (Anders, 2016). It is through this continued trend that the customers develop loyalty and conduct repeat business with the firm. Through conducting business with the organization severally, customers are likely to make it their preferred sources of personal effects and end up buying a majority of their necessities through the site.

Investing in the Future

Through the focus on customer satisfaction, Bezos manages to take greater perils to innovate and hold the confidence that he is on the right track. The CEO claims that he is contented with establishing seeds and waiting for them to develop into trees. It is in this spirit that Bezos internalized hundreds of data points and held that millions of individuals would require e-book readers that will download a book within a minute or less (Anders, 2016). Additionally, Bezos invested in people in terms of workforce to ensure that there are people who will plant the "seed." In so doing, the CEO has been keen on looking into the future of the organization. Looking at things strategically, Bezos has managed to invest in both the customers and the workers, two of the top influential stakeholders in a business organization.


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December 21, 2022


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