Kermes de Pablo Fundraiser

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When a man of the human beings gets into trouble, the people always get collectively to help the man. The people in my local church commenced the Kermes de Pablo fundraiser in honor of Kermes De Pablo. The fundraiser was named after him so that everyone knows the genuine course of the fundraiser. The fundraiser is to help the family of Kermes de Pablo. Kermes used to be diagnosed with Cancer. For a cancer patient, quite an quantity of money was needed for the treatment; the chemotherapy and quite a number other treatments plus the hospital trips. His household is destitute and cannot afford the expenses of paying for his treatment. Kermes comes from a humble background, however he has always been a good man. He was also a staunch member of our local church. He was always friendly and loving to all he associated with and always ensured everyone was comfortable. For this reason, the church decided to help his family pay for his chemotherapy and other treatments by starting the fundraiser. The fundraiser has lots of activities planned: kid’s games with toys, fun activities and lots of food.

The main purpose of writing this profile is to describe the issues facing Kermes and his family financially and emotionally. Kermes deserves much more than he is getting because throughout his life he has always strived to help people. He was the sole breadwinner of his family. When he became sick, he couldn’t work anymore. Therefore, the little savings he had managed to make during his working years was all his family could afford. His family goes through a hard time trying to balance the funds between basic needs and paying hospital bills for Kermes. The amount of suffering the family is going through, both emotionally and financially is too much and very unfair based on the kind of people they are. The family of Kermes is very humble and always help anyone out whenever they can. Were it someone else in Kermes’ place, he and his family would have done all they can to help out. The church on its own cannot raise enough funds to help the family out. For this reason, it to the initiative to organize a fundraiser in honor of Kermes de Pablo. The fundraiser is meant to raise money that will ease the burden of the family in paying the hospital bills and show that we support them even through this hard time. By writing this profile, I also get to show the family that they are not alone. I get to show them that they have friends and a family in the rest of us. By airing out this story, more people get to know what they are undergoing. As we know, a problem shared is already half solved therefore by sharing this story; we help the family in carrying the burdens. By promoting the fundraising event, we also show them that we stand together with them during these hard times and that they need not feel neglected or alone.

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The fundraiser will be held at our local church. Our church is located in Grayslake town. Grayslake is a small town with a tightly knitted community. The town is very calm with minor disturbances. Everyone in the town is friendly and accommodating, and visitors are welcome at any time. The town has many family events throughout the year. Most events concentrate on having every member of the family enjoy their stay and feel entertained at the end of it all. The town is located near a theme park, and a shopping mall is just minutes away. There is no doubt that by visiting you will have the time of your life with so much fun. Most of the people are middle-class range and are every humble. There are no extremely rich people who aim at showing off what they have. Grayslake is a family in itself. As a family, we aim at making sure everyone is happy, and no one undermines the abilities of the other or what the other people can do. We appreciate every effort made by everyone in the community. The crime rate in our little town is almost zero, so the area is, secure at all times.

For the fundraiser we would like to invite each and every person from all over. It does not matter whether or not you belong to my community. There will be lots of activities going on that day. Food from the cultural setting of Grayslake will be served. Games will be organized for children and adults alike. There will these and much more fun activities.

I joined our local church when I was a very small child. I used to go with my parents every Sunday. As a small child I was not very easy to deal with. Fortunately, Kermes de Pablo was there in the same church to make my life easier. He was very friendly and tolerated even my nagging. That was how I met Kermes de Pablo. I have known him and his family basically all my life. The family has been like my second family since they are always very friendly and loving whenever I pay them a visit. It was devastating when I found out that of all people it had to be Kermes who fell ill. To me, it was not fair for him to have fallen sick. However, it was not by choice. He was such a sweet and caring family man, not to mention his impact to the community. It was very hard to find out that he was diagnosed with cancer and his family is not in a position to cater for his treatment.

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I was inspired to write about this topic because of the kind of man Kermes is. He deserves to have his story heard and to have his predicament aired out so that in case he could get any possible help from anyone out there. I was also inspired by the fact that his family love him so much and would not want to let him die. His family is amazing and would not do anything to hurt anyone. In fact they strive to help out anyone in need and make them comfortable as long as they have the capability. They have always been so good to everyone around them. At times they are even accommodative to people they barely know anything about. They always help anyone in need as much as they can. It is now our turn to return the favor to this wonderful family.

August 09, 2021

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