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The Importance of Bilingual Education and English Immersion

"The world is a complex place to live in, and as a result, various languages coexist." As a result, people from various cultures and spheres have shown a desire to learn foreign languages in order to communicate openly. This, however, is never an easy feat to complete because one must gather evidence and do thorough studies on the language one wishes to study. The study is accompanied by detailed testing and data collection on the basic language that must be learned.

The Method of Gathering Primary Data

The aim of this paper is to explain the method of gathering primary data on the value of bilingual education and English immersion. The writing is going to give a detailed explanation of how such procedures will be followed step by step to achieve the ultimate goal of collecting and recording relevant data. Interview, surveys, and data collection techniques are some of the processes that are going to be explained later on in this paper and how they would relate to the importance of bilingual education and English immersion. It is also important to note that bilingual education is an essential aspect of culture, it gives the learners the opportunity to grasp opportunities and understand concepts better since they have a variety of languages to choose from.

Step 1: Conducting Interviews

Step 1: Conducting interviews
I would start by grouping my target audience to make sure that I only reach the most relevant group and those that are most likely to give me accurate and reliable data. Since my research is about the importance of bilingual education and English immersion, I would then center my research in schools, more so institutions of higher learning. My target audience, in this case, would be both lectures and students. I would then proceed to administer questionnaires for them to fill in while responding to the questions I have put down. That way, I believe I would have accurate and reliable data from every interviewee.

Step 2: Conducting Surveys

Step 2: Conducting surveys
This is another fundamental technique that I would use in this study. Similarly, my examinations would still be performed in schools just like interviews. With reviews, I would take my time and attend lessons with international students, who, in this case, are the most affected, to look at how they cope while learning. I would as have a look at their performance and make a comparison with those students who have the advantage to understand both languages. In case of any variables, I would record them, and later use them in making my analysis. These variables would be used to determine whether or not there are significant impacts regarding performance for students who are bilingual compared to those that are not. Step 3: Record the data collected through interviews and surveys and store for analysis

Step 3: Record and Analyze the Data

The process of recording data will be clear and precise to make it even easier to analyze the stored data. It is also worth mentioning that the analysis from the data collected will prove pivotal in giving the final dimension of this research.


It is from the data that one would be able to determine and estimate the absolute importance of bilingual education and English immersion in schools. This wouild assist the teachers to implement bilingual educational standards in schools.

July 24, 2021
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