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I think that some of the lessons mentioned below, which are priceless in comparison to the lessons I could have learned in a Business Writing course, ENG 203, were made possible by my life experiences and accomplishments.

I acquired the ability to gather pertinent information needed for a specific training.

I gained knowledge about data analysis.

I discovered how to use the knowledge I had acquired to create policies.

I gained knowledge of how to show data visually using graphs, tables, and charts.

I gained knowledge of how to design themes and use them.

I picked up how to use the models for data display.

I gained knowledge about system modification and performance evaluation.

I acquired skills in using Microsoft Office.

I learnt to arrange relevant data for their safe keeping.

I learnt to modify research work for better results.


The lessons that I could have learned in Mercy College on PSYN/SOCL 324 – Perspective on Parenting is comparable in values to what I have learned and achieved based on my life experiences. Some of the outcomes of my learning include the following:

I learnt to apply the different theories of parenting

I learnt to demonstrate on how the parenting theories are applied in the bearing of children more so to single parent

I learnt to apply the different cultures and parenting theories

I learn to organize and mange a home as a single parent

I learnt to acquire observational skills mainly to my child.

I learnt to apply various analytical skills a apparent

I learnt to appreciate and embrace change in parenting

I learnt to recognize how technological advances have consequences on the parenting and children development

I learnt to evaluate the special needs of the children and how they cope up with the different parenting roles

I learnt to justify the implication of the parental structures on the children’s and parent’s behavior.


Managing money is a lesson that I learnt from my personal experiences with finances and achievements which are similar in values to the lessons that I could have learn in Mercy School on ECON 200 (Managing Your Money). My achievements stems from my duty as a parent and the responsibility of managing my family’s finances. Some of the learning outcomes include:

I learnt to create my financial statement

I learnt to estimate may spending and save for lean days

I learnt to construct my financial plan.

I learnt to review the various credit scores and make wise financial decisions.

I learnt to plan all my spending and always save.

I learnt to create informed economic decisions

I learnt to examine and distinguish the various insurance policies available and their details

I learnt to explain the characteristics of stocks and bonds

I learn to appraise the importance of estate planning for the future

I learnt to choose secure loans from banks

Interpersonal Communication

I believe that the lessons I gained from my life achievement experiences are in one way or another comparable to the learning values that I could have attained in Mercy School from the SPCM 200 class on International Communication. My learning primarily was derived from my positions as a clerk in an outpatient rehabilitation program and later an administrative secretary.

I learnt to illustrate various aspect effectively and develop strong communication skills

I learnt to apply my interpersonal skills to gain control in my surrounding environment

I learnt to appreciate others and listen keenly to their concerns

I learnt to translate the language forms and their applications at various settings

I learnt to identify and match behaviors with some activities.

I learnt to point out using both verbal and non verbal cues.

I learnt to support people with diverse needs and initiate communication.

I learnt to use the organizational skills in my area of operation.

I learnt to identify the instances of ineffective communication and make recommendations on the same.

I learnt to create a self assuring environment for communication to take place.

June 19, 2023


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