Legally Blonde Movie Analysis

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Legally Blonde is a cult film. A film about a girl who walked with a call of the heart and believed in her own strength. It is also a film about a woman as a strong person who goes to her goal. Reese Witherspoon, who played this role, became a cult figure afterward. Having played a role in the film, the blonde in the law played by Witherspoon has earned a reputation as a good actress for portraying an untypical character who breaks many existing stereotypes of the time.

The Importance of Good Actress

Reese Witherspoon is an American actress and producer. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on March 22, 1976. Her full name is Laura Gene Reese Witherspoon. When Witherspoon was 7 years old, she was cast in a flower shop commercial, and the girl decided to take acting lessons.

The actress made her debut on the big screen in 1991. She starred in the film Man on the Moon. For this role, the girl received her first nomination for the Young Actor Award. Recognition came to Reese after the role of Jennifer in the comedy Pleasantville (1998), where her screen partner was Toby Maguire. And the film Cruel Intentions (1999), released a year later, was a real breakthrough for her. The release of this picture confirmed Reese's status as a new youth movie star. Reese Witherspoon’s career was a turning point in 2001 when the actress starred in the film Legally Blonde (“Reese Witherspoon”). While not the first film, Legally Blonde is one of those motion pictures that skyrocketed Witherspoon’s career for a good reason.

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Summary and Analysis of The Film

The plot of the film is quite simple. The main character Elle was largely adored in college by her teachers and peers alike. There, she has always been the center of attention. She is quite pretty and active serving as the speaker of the student organization and organizer of all student parties. On a romantic side, Elle wanted her boyfriend Warner to propose to her at the end of her studies. However, when Warner announced that they needed to part, she was heartbroken. He joined Harvard, and now he needs a more serious girl and not a blonde like Elle. Thus, Elle did not give up and joined Harvard as well shocking the admission committee and breaking the blonde stereotypes before the middle of the film (Luketic). This is where Legally Blonde starts to open up and resemble a more serious motion picture that has a rather strong subtext.

Meanwhile, the students in Elle’s faculty are rather diverse and include careerists, sexual minority activists, children of rich parents, and regular students who are sincerely interested in studying law. At first, Elle Woods comes under the pressure of general rejection. However, legal intelligence and moral values ​​make themselves felt (Luketic). Witherspoon’s character breaks blonde stereotypes once again by showcasing not only high intellect but also the kind heart and overall helpful and positive character.

Purposefulness in achieving the goal allows Elle to gradually become one of the most promising students in the faculty. Having got a chance to take part in an important trial of the murder case, Elle does not miss it. But thanks to her originality and feminine logic, she brings criminals to clean water. In the breaks between study and work, she helps the manicurist to gain self-confidence. Elle Woods shows herself in life and everyday life more and more as a kind, modest, and smart girl. At the same time, her former love interest has demonstrated himself as a toxic person, thus, becoming rejected in the end (Luketic). The film shows not just a simple story of an enthusiastic blonde girl but rather a large character journey that changes some of her goals over time, but not her key character traits.

The film turned out quite complete, interesting, without exaggeration entertaining, and one that leaves a positive impression. The film also included problematic elements of sexual harassment in the professional and career context, adding a powerful element of social commentary as well. While Legally Blonde does contain several downsides such as the representation of homosexual and black people, they can be neglected by the power of the film’s message (Bose; Harrington). In general, the film has become a cult classic for a good reason being a rather deep motion picture under the appearance of a youth romantic comedy.


Legally Blonde did a great job as a comedy film of its time. Reese Witherspoon’s performance contributed greatly to the film’s success as the actress managed to portray her character just as intended. At the same time, if analyzed more closely, the movie is more complex and deeper than it seems. By creating a strong character, the movie’s writers managed to break many character stereotypes that are still relevant in the modern context. In addition, social commentary present in the film adds another layer making the movie worth its cult status.

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