Liberal art in business

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The Impact of Art on Mood and Community

The definition of art has a profound impact on altering an individual's mood and mode of conceptual interpretation. In certain parts of the world, art can be used to generate money, allowing a person to make a living while still supporting his family. Similarly, art aids in the process of representing a community's feelings by conveying these meanings through sketches and writings. According to my childhood memories of growing up in rural parts of my world, the masses used calligraphy and painting to communicate with law enforcement. In case of a delay in responding to these statements, an advanced module could be initiated to grab the attention of the leaders and law enforcers. In the long run, we realized a change in the way activities and programs were being executed in the area.

Art as a Business Venture

These factors demonstrate the genesis of loving art and wanting to turn it into a business venture. The ancient stories passed through art pieces can act as a source of income as people from various places may wish to see these drawings. For instance, a creation of an art gallery will persuade the public to pay a visit and witness the pieces of work that are being created. Small charges can be levied at the entrance which will not cause the locals to visit the premises rarely. Alternatively, relatively high fees can be collected from the foreign personnel as they are considered to be a seasonal visitor to the facility. These strategies will help in the attainment of decent revenue from the people that want to visit the gallery.

Impact of Technology

The rapid development in technology creates an opportunity for artists to sell and generate better pieces for the viewers. An individual can also have a personalized module of marketing due to the existence of mobile technology in the market. Statistically, an estimated 90% of people in various regions of the world are using mobile phones which may also be used in passing any artistic message. However, income can also be generated through the inclusion of adverts along with the image. Charges can be levied per click or view of the image. These art pieces can even be moved to farther distances within a short period making it efficient for an individual in any location to receive this information at their comfort.

Challenges of the Mobile Revolution

On the contrary, mobile revolution favors a specific group of people. The movement of technology around the globe is gradual with the wealthy class having the priority of receiving these gadgets before moving to another region of the world. These instances may also affect the business environment as a particular class of people will receive this information at a later date compared to the people that have these technologies. The artist is then left with an option of inventing an appropriate mean that will help his clients receive these artworks.


In conclusion, art is faced with a series of challenges irrespective of the existence of mobile revolutions. The low-income earners are considered to be the disadvantaged group as they will have to wait a little longer before acquiring these phones. Similarly, the artist should also be updated as the fashion industry is continually changing and can hardly concentrate on a single design for the market. The mobile revolution is currently helping the art industry grow as it provides art and designing apps that can be used in the creation of these art pieces.

December 15, 2021

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