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Latin America has a variety of music styles that are distinct due to the culture of the people from various countries. Latin American music styles include Bachata, Samba, and Bossa Nova, Tango, Merengue, Rumba, Son, and Salsa. Several elements are considered when studying music styles, including effective experience, performance, community, and history. The impact that each style of music makes on its audience reveals the significance of its composition. Some music styles, such as Salsa, are created for the purpose of celebration.It causes happiness on the listeners and mostly requires them to dance the Salsa dancing styles which encompasses two people normally a lady and a gentleman. Therefore, each music type in the Latin America causes a certain specific effect on the listeners. Secondly, the performance of each music genre is another important element. The costumes used highly send messages to the listeners since they possess a unique communication strategy.

The community and their history are other critical factors to consider when studying the music of Latin America. Music styles go hand in hand with the surrounding community and their origin. The history of the community which includes what they went through determines the type of music they compose. At most scenarios, the lyrics of the songs give an explanation of the hardship or celebrations of the community's achievement. For instance, a majority of people in the Latin America have a Spanish origin thus their music is historically rooted in the traditions of Spain people. Also, the costuming and performance are always connected to the Spanish people culture. Therefore, through the above-mentioned models, it makes it easy for one to understand any type of music despite its location in the world.

April 13, 2023

World Music Sociology



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Latin America Song Community

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