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LinkedIn is the biggest professional website in the world with half a billion. The site’s customers are spread across more than 200 nations worldwide. Linkedin aims to create economic opportunities for its customers via ongoing improvement in various components of the world. The mission of the firm is to unite the world’s professionals through a particular goal and explore their talents to come to be more prolific and fruitful. The Linkedin website was launched in 2003 Reid Hoffman. Currently, the company’s CEO is Jeff Weiner who heads a group of managers from various corporations such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, PayPal, Electronic Arts, as well as TiVo. On December 2016 Microsoft Inc. attained LinkedIn. The attainment was a critical move towards linking its cloud to one of the leading specialized networks. LinkedIn areas of specialization are business search, proficient online systems, marketing, professional identity, address book, people search, and jobs.

The company shapes labor in different but significant as witnessed when users enjoy marketing via learning instincts (Elad, 2016). The site current aim is to frame professional energy issues such that members can get everything they want from the company. Increasing employment opportunities has also been another objective of the organization.

Part B Answers

1. LinkedIn shapes professional labor by setting minimum requirements for job application. The standards laid down must be met through work experience and education. Additionally, the company makes employment more competitive.

2. The site helps us find jobs without letting employers see the personal identity.

3. Intentional because it saves companies a lot of time and allows them to set up interviews in person if they do like the prospective employee’s LinkedIn profile

4. A misconception it perpetuates is that management does not care about a workers’ individuality. The idea is wrong because LinkedIn does not measure a person’s personality because it only displays their credentials.

5. LinkedIn is for people who are currently employed and unemployed ones.

6. The ideology is if you have skills and experience that people are looking for, employers can find you.

Part C

Some companies use customer care services as a device to collect and correct the client’s grievances towards the organization. Currently, the marketing world has consumers who are the primary stakeholders of the business. The clients determine the survival of the group and, thus, the company must satisfy their needs to realize success. Thus, the LinkedIn market over the years it has been in operation has transformed to a buyer’s bazaar from a seller’s market (Elad, 2016). The changes are meant to influence the employees who want to take part in the production process by passing necessary operational intelligence to satisfy customers’ needs.

Part D

Majority of propaganda operations follow a tactical transmission mechanism when instructing the target group. According to Noam Chomsky, the purpose of communication is to shape acuity, right behavior, as well as influence cognition (Elad, 2016). The process appeals discrimination when the audience is mistreated or forced to believe that it is morally superior or worth the price. As a result, the propaganda influences the listeners to think that professional groups influence giving information to the customers of a company. In contrary, the LinkedIn information is derived from users who are concerned in their particular areas of specialization unlike when the argument is controlled by a small number of elites.


Elad, J. (2016). LinkedIn. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

July 24, 2021


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