‘‘love is the cure: on life, loss and the end of AIDS,’’

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In the 1980s, the author of "love is the cure: on marriage, loss, and the end of AIDS," Sir Elton John, met friend after friend. With this, he loved one after the other and died from HIV/AIDS inexorably. As a result of this, he became acquainted with all of the AIDS patients. One of the first people he met was Ryan White, a young man from Indiana who was also HIV/AIDS positive. Ryan was one of the AIDS patients who had an inspiring life and a tragic death, which brought in two realizations for Elton (John, 2012). The realizations brought about the two main themes in the book which are; Ryan’s life was a mess and the action Elton would stop the crisis from the AIDS patients (John, (2012)). The major themes of the book a take on Ryan’s life with AIDS and the stoppage of crisis from AIDS patients. The paper seeks to review the work, ‘‘love is the cure: on life, loss and the end of AIDS,’’ by Sir Elton.

The administration is of the responsibilities of which are bestowed upon the management. Any organization has to make a compressive strategy in preparation and continuity of the administrative purposes. Sir John Hilton has a basic in hospital and health administration which grants a chance for strongly taking care of AIDS in the society. The control of AIDS requires much of administration and management control in order the have the crisis controlled or eradicated fully (John, (2012)). The book is paramount for the hospital administrators in setting up strategies for AIDS control. John uses much observations in the current world which has a greater force on the AIDS pandemic (John, (2012)). The book clearly and forcefully makes a presentation of the case in fighting the pandemic in the US and the whole world which has the involvement of the bigotry, prejudice, addiction, sexual violence, and poverty. To have all the causative matters controlled and solution determined the administrative understanding is much important.

The use and mention of the Elton John AIDS Foundation is a great topic to add value to the management of the non-profit making organization administration. From many of the organizations on the non-profits making organizations in the early days little or no consideration was done to long-range plans different people used to die and time was much important. Elton John Aids Foundation had to have the granting of awards with ease and fast to raise the required funds where they lacked enough time to put their funds in the saving accounts (John, (2012)). Fund control and admiration were more important to the company as far as EJAF is concerned (John, (2012)).

Clinicians have to have a clear analysis of different diseases which includes AIDS. Different diseases have been attached to patients who have AIDS. The use of this space by Elton John to discuss on AIDS infections and the crisis caused by the disease has greater value to clinicians work. Elton has admitted that the fight against AIDS has been a hard-to-fight battle which has been beleaguered by attributes like, stigmatization, ignorance, and homophobia (John, (2012)). It is important from Elton view for the clinicians to have an understanding that AIDS has remained a real threat to the world’s population. Elton has expounded on stigmatization which a matter which clinicians always take concern when dealing with AIDS patients (John, (2012)). Just like Elton has experienced friends died and suffered from AIDS so has the clinicians.

Clinician have been experiencing cases of stigmatizations from community members which makes them conceal the secrets of any patient who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS like Ryan White, who is a teenager who was hemophiliac and turn away by the community with the reason that he contracted HIV (John, (2012)). John Elton who is a musician took to account the struggle and death of Ryan which made him gain access to a rehab and kick away the addiction which he had making him advocate for treatment, prevention, and research.

Patients require improved care from the community and the medics. The care is nothing short of avoiding stigmatization of the AIDS patients. Elton has dedicated his life to offer support of patients who have AIDS starting with the immediate one Ryan White (John, (2012)). In support of the patients, the Elton foundation has raised more than $275 million to help fight AIDS from patients in the world (John, (2012)). From the book, different stories are narrated on the close ties between Elton and other patients, i.e., Princess, Freddie, Taylor and White which runs hand in hand with the Elton AIDS Foundation (John, (2012)). AIDS Patients require enough care and close love from the community and the medics fraternity at large.

The book could not be less important to all the concerned audience, which include administration officers in health, clinicians, and patients. Elton’s work has been important in helping solve different problems which affect AIDS patients. My recommendations on the book are to anyone who wants to have a good understanding of how to deal with AIDS patients. Clinicians require having an understanding of AIDS patient’s life which is in great wealth in the book. Administrators of different hospitals also need to have a copy of the book to learn on how to deal with AIDS patients and how to make their hospitals AIDS patient friendly.


John, E. ( (2012)). Love is the Cure: On Life, Loss and the End of AIDS. Hachette UK.

January 13, 2023

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