making solar energy economical

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Following a thorough examination of the engineering paper, it is important to remember that the grand challenge is focused on the idea of solar energy. In contrast to the already existing means of energy generation, solar power provides limitless possibilities. As a result, the scope of the research is to pursue successful means of using solar energy, and the object of the grand challenge is to develop suitable engineering technology to deliver solar power for public consumption in commercial quantum. (""Grand Challenges - Make Solar Energy Cost Effective"") The achievement this grand challenge, i.e., commercializing solar energy will require the implementation of specific engineering specialties. First engineers must efficiently determine how to make solar power economical. The achievement of the goal will demand the adoption of technologies to cope with the current deficiency in this sector, the most common inefficiency in the industry are the issues associated with materials purity. Current solar panels are designed with high purity. Hence they are expensive and uneconomical. To achieve the grand challenge of commercialized solar power engineers must find a way around this issue. This can be done through the adoption of material thick in one dimension for sunlight absorption and the use thin material in other direction for enabling the flow of charge. ("Grand Challenges - Make Solar Energy Economical")

The grand challenge adopted for this study it titled “make solar energy economical.” The recommendation of this engineering challenge has been implemented by an engineer name Derek Dunn-Rankin of the University of California, the project was based on the adoption of solar energy to generate electricity for homes and also serves as a means of cooking for residences of developing countries. The project completion date was on the 22nd of October 2013, ("Stored Energy Solar Stove Technology | Grand Challenges")

Some importance could be associated with the solar energy proposed by the grand challenge; they include the generation of low-cost energy for both domestic and commercial purposes. This form of energy will also serve as an environmental friendly unlike energy generated from fossil fuel.

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December 21, 2022

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