Managing a Diverse Workforce

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Office rules and regulations

Office rules and regulations play an important role in influencing the health conditions of workers thereby minimizing the risk of protracted illness. The existence of anti-discrimination laws in Australia, for instance, the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act fortify particular employer duties, such as the protection of lactating women at work. A comprehension of the rights, respect, and roles equally shared is vital stage information of productive workplace interactions. This mostly relates to workplaces where employees from diverse religions, sexual orientations, physical skills, beliefs and ethics work together in one setting.

Campaigns That Can Benefit and are Adaptable For Managing a Diverse Workplace

Australia's Federal and State Governments contain anti-discrimination laws centered on race, disability, sex, and age. Government workplaces should thus develop staff policies around parity and multiplicity, a term for unbiased treatment of females, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders, and persons with debilities. The staff policies cover language, race, sexual vexation and religious discernment (Eady et al. 5). The creation of diversity training avenues like cultural diversity garages nurtures employees' cultural understanding.

Furthermore, staff participation in attitude alteration drills changes their attitudes towards the disabled. Employers should validly partake all rational steps to thwart age acumen. Actions taken involve setting up plans to build a non-discrimination workplace regardless of age. However, positive discrimination is encouraged for the provision of sincere benefits to certain age groups. Judicious steps include measures dealing with discrimination claims by fellow workers or clients. Employers should thus create workplace changes to typical practices that let disabled employees efficiently partake in workplace activities. Similarly, managers should sensibly adjust workplace activities in discussion with the disabled worker (Soutphommasane, 291). Staff who subject others to racially invasive actions bear responsibility for his or her deeds. However, managers are also liable for racial hatred actions of their workers. Thus, the Racial Discrimination Act creates stability between liberty of speech and freedom from racial hatred or abuse. Sexual harassment is illegal in any workplace, including seminars and field trips. An employee who undergoes sexual harassment should inform the police. The presence of an official in the organization's harassment program helps to handle such reports.

Bully Harassment Policy Used In a Workplace

Office bullying refers to physical, social, psychological, or verbal cruelty by a manager or fellow employees. Purposely withholding work materials required for effective execution of work regards to bullying (Eady et al. 7). Whereas an employer is at liberty to demote, counsel, transfer, discipline, sack or retrench an employer provided the action follows the legal context. The formal procedures applicable in curbing bullying include the submission of an official grievance to the state and territory workplace health and safety authority. Whereas informal steps to take include possessing a diary to record all activities that ensue, including steps the steps were taken by the victim to try ending it. The bully harassment policy requires implementation as "best practice" for offices. The policy should distinguish between what is unacceptable and what is prohibited. A workplace anti-bullying policy assists staff to identify trends that point to bullying and avenues to seek aid.

In conclusion

In conclusion, it is essential for establishments with diverse cultures to consider creating a suitable work environment that highlights the various intricacies exhibited by its workforce. This will help the members, including employers to learn to cope with such intricacies.

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October 24, 2023
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