Marketing Mix of Jetstar Airways

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Cetaphil is a good choice of topic and the product is familiar to many people who live in North America. Cetaphil uses product differentiation to widen their marketing strategy and offer alternative products to their customers’ skin care products. They ensure their products are packaged in attractive packaging to attract customers. The pricing strategy also varies depending on the stage of the business of the particular product and location (Kadlec, 2016). They also offer psychological pricing whereby they use attractive prices that seem below the actual value to the customers. For the promotion of their products, they also use offers when launching new products to the market whereby when a customer buys a Cetaphil product, he is given the new Cetaphil product for free to sample it and hence marketing the new product to the customers. Cetaphil products have been tested and proven to be safe for use over the years. However, there have been cases of side effects which may not be directly due to the interactions with the products but also the skin type and other external conditions (Balagula, 2011).

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            Jetstar Airways is a good choice for the company to discuss their marketing mix. The Australian company is famous for its cheap flights to South East Asia. The company allows its customers to select the specific seat they want and this greatly promoted their services and hence improved their market share. Another great marketing strategy that worked for the company was when they decided to start offering the passengers iPads for in-flight entertainment. The devices are loaded with magazines, games and this attracted more customers (Jiang, 2013).  In terms of promotion, low-cost pricing has sometimes not worked for them as many customers are more interested in the quality of services offered as compared to the prices (Ham, 2016).  Although the cost of their services is relatively low, it is comparable to other airlines that offer better services (Whyte & Lohmann, 2015).



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September 18, 2023



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